We are never truly alone. I believe that in nature, our spirit is connected to the source of everything all the time, even if we can’t seem to grasp it. But how can we connect to such an ethereal concept, when we have been socialized to believe that we are individuals who constantly need to fight one another in order to have enough resources to survive? We are disconnected from the energy of our bodies; we have normalized fear and negative thinking as a way of life, and have learned that organized religion is one of the only ways to connect to a power greater than ourselves.

For a long time, I believed I was alone. I knew it. It was part of my identity. I learned about religion and God, but I couldn’t feel Love or Light. Rather, the concept of God made me feel guilty, regretful and ashamed of my true nature. I found comfort in my friends and family, but there was always this emptiness leading the way. I was a human trying to oblige to society’s expectations of me as a woman (a humongous task), and I was doing it alone. The only assistance that I felt I could count on was from other fellow humans, who were also trying to find joy in a world that back then, to a lot of us, felt so separate from Love.

And then, not too long ago, I realized Love had always been there. There was no magic formula, specific prayer, organized system or rigorous practice that needed to take place. There was no shame or regret, painful realizations, long metaphysical books or the need to follow enlightened Masters or Gurus. There was no perfection. In fact, Love found its way into my heart as the most pure, raw, imperfect, light-filled energy that there ever was and ever will be. I just had to receive it. Stop asking questions. Stop resisting.

I believe we are all made of this love, and when we step away from our resistance and ego and allow ourselves to find it, we are finally home. And we remember that Love is and should always be our home. We start living from the light, from our source, from the core of our existence. We feel supported, guided, joyful and free. We connect to the freedom that is our birthright. And we walk in perfect-imperfection in unison with the Light.


This simple prayer can help you feel closer to Universal Energy, so you can feel supported and guided in your daily life:


Universe, thank you for helping me honor exactly where I am today, and thank you for helping me release resistance to your love and guidance every day.