Perhaps you have gone to a hypnotherapy session and experienced its benefits? Or you have used a self-hypnosis CD from the comfort of your home? Either way, did you know that hypnotherapy, and the benefits that come from going to a hypnotherapist, don't need to be a one-time experience? In this article, we will be looking at three main benefits of daily hypnosis.

What is Daily Hypnosis?

The benefits of hypnotherapy can be experienced through self-hypnosis and pre-recorded hypnotherapy sessions on Mp3, and CD. Sure you can choose to participate in self-hypnosis every now and then, but what about daily hypnosis?

Hypnosis can become a part of your everyday life. A CD or MP3 file could be used at a particular time every day or you can create self-hypnosis scripts that you use throughout the day to meet your needs.

There is power in creating your own self-hypnosis scripts, especially when you do not generalize them but create them with intention.

When created with intention, self-hypnosis scripts can be short or long. A script could be two minutes five minutes, ten minutes or longer. The important thing is to grow in awareness of yourself, because the more aware you are of your body the easier it can be to know when to take a few moments and use hypnosis throughout the day to live the life that you are seeking.

For example, if you are choosing daily hypnosis because you would like to lower the level of stress you experience, being aware of when your body is leaving a state of calm and the level of stress the body feels is elevating - that is a perfect time to stop and take part in daily hypnosis.

3 Benefits of Daily Hypnosis

There are many benefits of daily hypnosis, today we are going to focus on the top three benefits of daily hypnosis:

1. Reduced of Anxiety

Daily hypnosis can help to reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety. Seeing a hypnotherapist can greatly help with anxiety and the many forms of anxiety. However, daily hypnosis is a great follow up to the work that is done within a hypnotherapy session. Essentially, daily hypnosis for anxiety is a benefit because it helps reinforce and maintain the progress made during a hypnotherapy session. Daily hypnosis for anxiety also helps with reducing anxiety because it can be used the moment when anxiety begins to cause a challenge in everyday life.

The same can be said for conditions like depression, stress, and PTSD. Want to know in detail how hypnotherapy can benefit anxiety? Read: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

2. Pain Management

Daily hypnosis can help to manage and treat both acute and chronic pain: from cancer pain, back pain, to arthritis has been shown to be beneficial to those experiencing from pain. Daily hypnosis can be used as a complementary practice to at also attending in-person hypnotherapy sessions. Or it can be used as a stand-alone method of helping yourself ease feelings of pain as it arises.

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3. Goal Setting

Want to see a behavior change? Perhaps a New Year's resolution or a shift you want to see maintained no matter the time of year? Daily hypnosis with a script that is intentional with what you want to achieve can be beneficial. Maybe you went to see a hypnotherapist for weight loss or to stop smoking. Treatment for such aspects of health and wellness are usually three to twelve sessions at the most; with hypnotherapy for smoking treatment averages three sessions or less. Daily hypnosis is highly beneficial to maintaining such goals and others.

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