The body’s recognition of truth whispers to our heart and is the genesis of change. I wholeheartedly agree with Karlfried Dürckheim, German diplomat, prisoner of war in Japan during World War 1, psychotherapist and Zen Master who states in his book, The Way of Transformation that, “Today, it should be generally recognized that what we call ‘body’ and ‘psyche’ are not two separate entities; rather they are the two modes by which we, with our rational divided vision perceive ourselves. [...] The undeniable inner experience is the one thing that can truly touch, move and compel us to follow it.”

Those willing to break through the mists of rationalization open themselves to the possibility that an abstract idea can become personal experience measured in results. When a new awareness of the body becomes increasingly evident, it reassigns meaning and value to our human existence. Curiously examining unconscious programming and old ways of thinking, unblocks the natural flow of Essential Being.

Emerging discoveries in the science of epigenetics and methyl genetic nutrition say that the way in which we perceive our environment has a powerful influence on our biology. The way genes express themselves are triggered by their cellular environment. Therefore, suggesting that if we change the environment of the cells, we can influence our own genetic expression. This is a modern miracle for anyone intent on taking charge of their own healing process. If this is true, then everything in our environment is influencing our cellular behavior in every moment we are alive.

Collaboration of mind and body together in a dynamic partnership and moving beyond concepts rationally grasped as real is what creates wholeness and happiness...

 Your beliefs act like a filter on a camera, changing how you see the world. And your biology adapts to those beliefs. When we truly recognize that our beliefs are that powerful, we hold the key to freedom. While we cannot readily change the codes of our genetic blueprints, we can change our minds. ~ Dr. Bruce Lipton

It's a time in history when we must take a good hard a look at our perceptions and look deeply at how we arrived where we are in this moment, opening ourselves up to seeing who we really are in the context of our health and in every aspect of our lives. Questioning how we got where we are today is the beginning of self inquiry and self healing.