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How do I deal with hunger while fasting?

I want to try a fast, but I dont know if I can tolerate being hungry without biting everyone's head off who crosses me.

2 Answers

April Ricchio

Look up Dr Jason Fung and fasting. You really should educate yourself on the do's an don'ts before jumping in. I personally follow an Intermittent fasting program but feel it depends on your current state of health and blood sugar levels. Slow to start while gradually increasing fasting times. If you are currently under a Dr's care for a health condition and especially if on medication definitely let your Dr know what you are doing.

Liza Baker

It's good you know yourself so well! Jonathan Fields did a fast and podcasted about it: It's worth a listen and will give you some encouragement. I would highly recommend doing a fast with the help of a healthcare provider and/or coach—not something to be undertaken lightly!

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