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Has anyone had success with the 18/6 diet? 18 hrs fasting, 6 hrs eating.

I would appreciate any feedback on this approach. Thank you.

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Sam Baron
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Hi Irene! I think that using a narrow eating window is a great way to consistently initiate the body's natural repair mechanisms. It taps into an ancestral lifestyle of caloric scarcity that our body expects and can relieve cultural pressure to be eating constantly.

A couple of things to consider. First, there is some research about women experiencing more resistance to intermittent fasting than men. I believe this is perfectly okay, so if this style of eating doesn't work for you, then honor that. Second, in my health coaching practice, I consider intermittent fasting to be a "graduate-level" lifestyle behavior. What do I mean by this? You may need to finish some per-requisites first: having a metabolism that's primarily running on fat instead of carbs, adequately managing daily stress, a consistent healthy sleeping pattern. Without these foundations, fasting can be miserable and detrimental.

Dr. Jennifer Shaw
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Yes! I personally do this 5-7 days a week. I was so reluctant to start fasting, but personally I wanted to do it for the neurological benefits because I have a spinal cord injury and a brain stem injury. Added bonus was when I started fasting I lost 10 lbs of stubborn weight I could never burn off (got my 6 pack back!) I have more energy and I sleep better!!!!!
I am seriously never stopping. I recorded a whole podcast on this subject if you want to give it a listen. Just search 'Natural Wellness Tips' in iTunes, it's episode 5.
Also let me know if I can answer any other questions on this for you :)

Geri Winters

I have done intermittent fasting at some times. I have also talked with others who have done intermittent fasting.

My personal experience is that I felt fantastic - good mood, lots of energy, never hungry. But after a while I realized I was eating far too few calories, which is not healthy long term.

I find intermittent fasting short term a good thing to do to reset my metabolism (guess what I'll be doing after Thanksgiving!)

Generally men and post-menopausal women seem to have good experiences with fasting done on occasion. Women before menopause have variable experiences, but overall it seems that younger women do not have the same positive experiences.

April's advice is also excellent.

April Ricchio

Yes! Though if you are currently eating a high carb diet there is a process to get there. Your blood sugar needs to be balanced for fasting to be successful. If you are taking medications or diagnosed with a health issue you'll want to consult with your Dr. I have been experimenting with it myself for a few months and will forever eat this way. It is a very debated lifestyle. I recommend looking up Dr Jason Fung and reading The Obesity Code.

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