I have had some leg tingling almost burning sensation in top left thigh. I cant figure out what it is b/c my lower back and part of my front shoulder are also acting up everything on my left side. any ideas? My chiropractor said something was pinched but I am wondering what. - Heal.me
Pinched Nerve

I have had some leg tingling almost burning sensation in top left thigh. I cant figure out what it is b/c my lower back and part of my front shoulder are also acting up everything on my left side. any ideas? My chiropractor said something was pinched but I am wondering what.

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Hi Michelle, With a therapeutic approach of molding the connection tissue/myofascial network in a very specific directionality, the spines natural curves can begin restoring themselves which can QUICKLY release pressure . First addressing the fullness in the Thoracic ribcage, the Primary curve of the spine, can help redistribute body weight and balance the load. Few modalities approach internal space or aligning around a broadening ribcage which can ultimately be the most important space for organ function, respiration, & allowing the spine to hold itself up with effortless ease- all of which would help restore space in between discs which is a non-invasive healing approach for pinching & numbness/tingling. I teach a therapeutic alignment which allows the muscular/soft tissue network to tone in a uniformly balanced way, across the entire skeleton. This model of ‘tensegrity’ takes unnecessary pressure off the entire joint system, including each spinal vertebrae, and allows for a more suspended LIGHTNESS throughout the entire structure, this actually kicks off a systemic healing cascade so the body begins to regulate itself. My clients are amazed at how quickly they get results AND how they learn such basic ways of moving through space - think sit, stand, walk all day long with this alignment- which unlike a workout or a chiropractic session, stays with you outside of the gym & off the table to change & train your normal day to day movement patterning. Reach out if you are curious to know more. My approach is a game changer, hands down.

Erika Davey
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The abdominal muscles, or core muscles, are opposite the much stronger back muscles. When the core is weak, the back muscles also weaken, decreasing their ability to protect the spinal nerves. When the back muscles weaken and the nerves are affected, symptoms, such as you are describing, occur.
The solution is 2 part: 1. Core strength and 2. Hamstring stretching.
The back needs a strong core and flexible supporting muscles in order to function properly.
As a Health Coach and Physician Assistant, I help people improve their strength, flexibility and vitality. Please let me know if I can help!

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I find that answer by your chiropractor very interesting. Did you get any x-rays? Sometimes that is only way to determine the next step of treatment. I realize not everyone is open to that direction of diagnostics, which leads me to many other treatment ideas from people on this site.

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May want to take a look at how you are using yourself in your daily activities. Working with an Alexander technique teacher can help you find your poor movement habits and give you the tools to re-train your own body.
Go on the American Society of Alexander Technique and find a teacher close to you.

Linda Goulart, LMBT, SET, NIS
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Hi Michelle,
There are several scenarios that relate to pain, tingling sensations in the body. Though yours appears to be a possible nerve impingement or irritation, the question is, what is causing the irritation? The body is designed to heal itself if given the right conditions. With this being said, finding a practitioner that can muscle test the body to find out what the body is needing at the time to heal is the key. In my field of work as a Structural Therapist and NIS Therapist, we muscle test the body first to conclude if it's an emotional, physical or pathological issue. Once we pinpoint what the body is needing, we determine which modalities to use to guide the healing process along ( massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, SET therapy, NIS therapy, homeopathy, stretching, specific exercises, etc...). sometimes it takes more than one modality to fix an issue, especially if its chronic. I can only assume through this writing that you may have a compressed nerve either from a subluxation, muscular tension, or possible emotional stress, in which chiropractic, SET Therapy, specific strengthening and release exercises, and acupuncture have worked marvels for my clients. if you need more clarification feel free to contact me.

Lauri Germain
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Did you experience an emotional upset or trauma prior to the physical symptom manifesting? Homeopathy is an effective way to treat the mind-body connection and reach underlying causes of any type of symptom. For more information and testimonials, my website is www.thegentlehomeopath.com. Wishing you healing!

Linda Andrews
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Hi Michelle! It is always a problem trying to figure out what is causing the latest pain and yours sounds like you would like it gone soon! I suggest you try to find a Bowenwork therapist in your area. This modality uses your own body to figure out what is causing the issue and with gentle, non invasive moves, can rectify it without needing a direct answer to the problem. If there is no one listed in your area, I would suggest going to the American Bowen Academy website and put in your zip code. Good luck!

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