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Is depression hereditary?

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Rachel Hope
In order to truly heal and transform our life, we need to clear the pain stored in our body and to upgrade our limiting subconscious beliefs

Yes and No.

Unhealthy, self-destructive patterns are passed down to each generation until someone is willing to break the cycle. Most of our parents were hurt by their parents and so forth. Unless our parents have done their healing work before they had kids, they most likely passed down trauma in their DNA and painful patterns of abuse or neglect.

Science has shown that trauma is carried down family lines in DNA. We can also inherit specific emotions at conception from our parents. I am an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, and sometimes I clear emotional energy from clients that came from a parent. Sometimes these inherited emotions did not even originate with my client's parent; it came from many generations back!

I believe depression is the result of too much emotional stress in our body. We can only deal with so much. We are not meant to constantly live in fight or flight, but this is what happens when we have a lot of unresolved trauma and emotions stuck in our body.

I help clients to heal from childhood trauma and pain, so they can be free of the filter of past pain and sadness. I help clients by connecting with their inner child and by clearing trapped emotional energy by working with the wisdom of their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like a super computer that stores every experience we have ever had and knows why we are suffering as well as what we need to do to heal.

Classical homeopathy is a system of medicine to stimulate the body's own intelligence for whole, deep healing.

When it comes to conditions being labeled "hereditary" I recommend investigating additional scientific views and observing what happens in nature. Bruce Lipton has some wonderful youtube videos explaining his experience as a stem-cell biologist. The idea is that genes are a blueprint, but how the body develops and expresses is very influenced by the environment and the mind. We see this in nature. Plants with similar genes will grow differently in different environments. Animals with similar genes will behave differently in different environment. Each individual has susceptibilities, but they may only express under certain conditions. A progressive science concerning heredity is epigenetic. Homeopathy addresses susceptibility by strengthening the whole being to increase resilience on every level.

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