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What is the goal of the Feldenkrais Method?

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Well being is experiential, not abstract. Awareness Through Movement allows you to outsmart pain and experience the pleasure of your body being all connected.

The Feldenkrais Method helps you reconnect with your body and learn ways to move with greater efficiency, ease. Many people find that this Method helps them reduce pain.

We are a collective of healers who help people find clarity, balance & ease on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Feldenkrais is a powerful yet gentle approach to improving students’ lives through
mindful movement. It’s not about finding one “perfect” way to move; after all, we all
have different bodies, bone lengths, histories of injury, fitness levels and so on. Rather,
the goal is to create awareness and options personalized to you as a unique individual, which can guide you toward positive changes.

This can be helpful if you have a specific physical issue you’d like to work on. However,
it’s also beneficial for anyone and everyone, since our sedentary culture lends itself to
unnatural patterns of movement that can cause discomfort and energy blockages.
Ultimately, Feldenkrais helps you rediscover joy and ease in movement.

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