The junk mail we receive in our mailbox, email and social networks are so time consuming. Usually being a waste of our recources both in paper and time. But even more challenging to us is the junk mail we send ourselves. You know the anxiety producing self-talk that causes us emotional upset.

It's always there just waiting for a quiet moment. The mind racing with all the dark thoughts. Telling us we're not good enough, not loveable enough, not worthy. 

What about the nights you can't fall asleep. All the what-if scenarios running through our mind. Junk mail at it's worse. 

Our bodies respond with a quickened heartbeat, shortness of breath and lots of worrying. Do you recognize the process?

So you're listening to these thoughts. Have you ever considered how they're getting there? The ego resides in the mind. It's there to protect us. It's part of the fight or flight response to danger. It also gives us the fear of falling of an edge to help protect us. It's become our historian to library our life experiences for future reference. However, our ego writes the story it stores with the filter of our emotional reponse and viewpoint of the experience. This warps the information stored. 

An example would be 2 hikers fall and break an ankle. One hiker processes the information as being careless, stupid and unable to care for himself. Leading him to feel dependent on others. The other hiker learns to pay more attention when hiking, bringing proper equipment and has grown more independent. - Same situation, different ego history.

This is where we begin to under the difference between the thoughts of our brain (ego) and our spirit (observer). As an observer, we are "hearing" the thoughts in our head. That doesn't mean we have to agree with them. Just because our mind has sent a message from a past (interpreted) outcome doesn't mean we have to hold on to it. We can outwardly reject the message or clear it away like a thought in a bubble that pops in the air. 

We don't have to accept the thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry or the need to control everything. We can learn to find a way to replace it with self-love, love of others and positive alternatives. We do this by tuning in to the observer. We can do this with meditation, breathing techniques, Reiki and other form of relaxation.

These practices can teach us to release the unhelpful thoughts of the ego and live in the soul's stillness and loving peace. 

In small steps of stillness, sitting quietly and learning to be in the present moment, we begin this journey. Breath exercise and medition/Reiki can help you learn to detach yourself from our concerns and let go of the emotional turnmoil. You'll learn to recognize your junk mail then release it with the breathing techniques. In time you'll be able to recognize your connection to your spirit-self. It's a process, but well worth the effort.

The full article is available upon request.

There are many meditation groups forming all over the country. If you'd like to start your practice with a Reiki session, or would like more information, please contact me.

How does your self-talk effect your life? Have you been able to recognize YOUR observer? I'd love to hear from you.