I recently had a conversation with a colleague about the role of vaccinations and autism. There is now proof of a link between the MMR vaccination and autism. This is a devastating situation for far too many parents. I have some things that can help yu. There is a researcher out of Colorado who discovered a link between the mineral Manganese and increased autism symptoms. Manganese is not typically one that we hear a lot about. It is highest in grains. This is one reason why a gluten free diet will appear to work for a while and then may regress. The problem is ALL grains and many nuts contain high levels of this mineral, so even gluten free foods should be avoided. There are many inflammatory foods that also contribute to the problem by opening holes in the intestinal tract of susceptible people. Many of these foods are grains, seeds and nuts because they contain chemicals called phytates and lectins that are toxic and punch holes in the digestive tract. These poisons are not strong enough to kill outright but they cause long-term slow deterioration of digestive function, causing not only malabsorption issues but allow undigested foods into the blood stream to trigger the inflammatory cascade and autoimmunity. One of the more common catagory of foods that is missed is Nightshade vegetables. There are many plants in this family including potato, tomato, eggplant, tomatillo and Chile peppers. They contain the same poison as their cousin Deadly Nightshade but in smaller amounts. So again it does not kill outright but it does the same damage to the digestive tract. Even more alarming is that the poison called Solanine is a neurotoxin, meaning it will affect the brain even in small amounts once in the blood stream.pharaceuticals that cause similar effects are all the med in the NSAID category of pain killers. This means Ibuprofen, Motrin, Naproxen, Alleve, and Celebrex. Alternative herbal pain remedies include willow bark, oak bark, pine bark, or dark /tart cherry juice. Even a topical application of pine essential oil helps achy joints. Turmeric is not a cool option only because of the intestinal damage. Once the leaky gut is healled, turmeric may be okay, but it's primary effect is as a blood mover or blood thinner. Remember Warfare is made from turmeric which shows that it can increase bleeding conditions.