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Can craniosacral therapy help with Autism?

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Alexandra CS Diamond
An honored body can move with ease, has sustainable energy and is able to process stress efficiently.

Hi Jasmine,

It can! And Margaret's article is great!

The Upledger Institute has been studying how CranioSacral Therapy can effect Autistic folks (or folks with Autism Spectrum Disorder— saving a discussion on identity-first language for another time) for many years now and has proven it an effective treatment for relaxing the individual and allowing them a feeling of greater ease with the world around them. CranioSacral Therapy directly releases restrictions in the structures of the head and spine, nourishing the central nervous system. It's also non-invasive and can be practiced in small increments at the leisure and comfort of the client.

For more info check out:

Margaret Peloquin

hello Jasmine,
Thank you for your question. Here's a link that addresses your question.
I'm sharing this link because in my practice I've yet to have the honor of working with persons dealing with autism.

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