There are many causes of severe back pain, but one of the most basic is energetic in nature—trapped emotions that are blocking the critical energetic pathways between the spinal cord, the central nervous system and the rest of the body.

Even if the back pain is a result of a traumatic injury, negative emotions that result from that injury will amplify and extend the pain caused by that injury. It makes sense, then, that removing the trapped emotions associated with the traumatic energy will allow the body to begin the long process of healing itself.

As a Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner, I have worked with many people who were experiencing severe back pain. I use pendulum-based muscle (or kinesthetic) testing, which is one of those rare things that can be done without fully understanding how or why it works. It is a noninvasive method we can use to identify imbalances in the body.

The science behind it is similar to a lie detector test or a polygraph in which a person is hooked up to sensitive electrodes and asked certain questions. The person's answers generate a predictable electrical response in the body, which can be read and graphed as true or false by the machine. The tissues throughout the body are also affected by this electrical state, so we can use muscle-testing to discover this same true or false response.

The secret of muscle-testing is in asking the body the right questions. Someone with severe back pain needs to have the right questions asked to determine where the emotions are trapped. I use a pendulum for both remote and in-person muscle-testing questions. It responds to minute muscle movements in my hand to lead me through The Body Code Mindmap to determine where imbalances affecting the back are located. Once located, I use The Emotion Code to release the emotions that are blocking the energy flow to the affected tissues.

The combination of these techniques results in determining specific imbalances in organs, tissues and bones that are combining to create energetic blockages. These blockages are like dams in a river; the energetic flow is disrupted and the resulting irritation translates into pain as an indicator to the body that this flow needs to be unblocked.

Once the trapped emotions causing the energetic blockages have been removed, the energy flow is restored and the renewed blood flow can begin its task of allowing the healing cells of the body to do their work.