Per Wikipedia, "In 1985, "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (NBCAM) was created as a collaborative effort between the American Academy of Family Physicians, AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation, CancerCare, Inc., and a variety of other sponsors to raise awareness and gain funding for research for a cure." Despite this campaign, the incidence of early breast cancers (over-diagnosed, or false positive) nearly doubled between 1980-1998. And we are no closer to a cure.

The approach of highlighting cancer awareness means more pressure to get mammograms, which is a cash cow for the medical community, more fundraisers in the name of cancer, more over-diagnosis of early cancer (false positives), more profit for the radiology and treament centers, and more funding for cancer societies.

What about raising awareness of other valid, radiation-free imaging technologies that focus on seeing breast health, much like annual physical exams, such as SinoCine, SureTouch, or Breast Thermal Imaging?

While mammograms image breast tissue, which comprise only 30% of the potential breast cancer area, each of the three complementary, or adjunctive, screening technologies can see all 100%, including the tail and axillary regions. For the most comprehensive view of the chest, lateral torso, and back sides, with no body contact and no pain, thermal imaging has no competition. Medical FLIR thermal cameras produce the highest resolution images. Get imaged and be the support your "girls" need!