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Dr. Doug Lehrer
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Though no doctor other than an oncologist can legally diagnose, treat, or claim cure of any cancer, it's vital to look at why you got breast cancer. In short, there is always a great trauma or stress that triggers the cell mutations called cancer, often years later.

With breast cancer it is often related to mothering stress, either mother problems or issues with being a mother, like the loss of a child.
Where the woman feels a lack of mothering, nurturing and care, or can't nurture as in the case of a loss of a child (this can include the feelings around an abortion). I've also found some women experience weird feelings around their breasts from their fathers or men in adolescence as the cause. All of the above stresses or your unique situation must be found and dealt with at the cellular, emotional and subconscious levels in order to activate the innate healing response in the body.

Sometimes the woman isn't even aware that a childhood or adult stress bothered her because it was suppressed so deeply, thus out of consciousness... yet it is festering in the subconscious memory, which is in charge of 99% of cellular functions.

Additionally, toxins from the environment, drugs and other sources can build on top of the past emotional stresses and interferes with cellular functions and induces cell mutations (cancer).

No matter what your oncologist recommends or what you chose in to do in your care and treatment, dealing correctly with the stress and toxic causes and resolving them correctly is vital to assure the greatest outcomes of healing permanently with no recurrence living cancer free for the rest of your life, potentially.

Alexandra CS Diamond
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Hi Mychal!

What are you looking to learn about breast cancer treatment?

Naturopathic and functional medicine doctors are great resources for alternative treatments. Also, massage, Reiki, CST, and acupuncture can be effective complementary therapies to both traditional and alternative cancer treatment. Each person is a unique case and therefore treatment should be planned as such. Hopefully this gives you a starting point!

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