What exactly is a Metaphysical Colonic and how can it help me self-heal?

Metaphysical colon hydrotherapy is a colonic style that I have created and named Iyasu, which means, “to heal” in Japanese. It takes traditional colon hydrotherapy a few steps further. Most colon therapists offer colonics with a focus on healing from a predominately physical point of view – utilizing nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes to promote healing. Years ago, I began to realize when clients shared personal, emotional experiences with me during their sessions, their bodies opened up and released more physically. Consequently, I created a new way of offering colonics that incorporate the different aspects that make up the human experience of healing. I have been a Colon Hydrotherapist since 1996. Since that time, I came to believe that:

Our bodies are wise and will go to dysfunction
in order to set us up for our individual healing.
To truly heal, we must feel.

By trusting the wisdom of our body and letting it guide us on our path, we can all heal. There may be many reasons, and at many levels, why we suffer. I believe that the origin of physical dysfunction can be traced to any combination of the following – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If we perceive life from an unhealthy or unresolved perspective, we might end up with physical issues. Iyasu can offer perspectives to shift belief systems that might be keeping us ill. When we choose to see ourself, others, and situations in a different way, our body can shift into health.

When a client comes to me for a metaphysical colonic or bio electric lymphatic drainage session, I listen to whatever the person wishes to divulge and we see what shows up. We follow a “path” that leads us to the possibilities of their healing. I am always looking at each of the aspects that I have described above. In doing so, I am able to ensure the holistic approach that I offer is authentic and honorable

I believe in the sacredness of the work that my clients and I engage in together. I promise to be respectful, grateful, honest, and trustworthy with any information that is given to me to help assist each client in their healing.

Stephanie Kato,
Owner and Founder of Iyasu