Trapped Emotions and Emotional Issues

Are you struggling to understand why you have arthritis, back pain, or tissue discomfort? Then discover some unseen causes of illness most doctors are oblivious to. The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that releases trapped emotions embedded in your body including your heart. 

The power to transform your life is easy with the Emotion Code. The Emotion Code was founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor, who published the book in 2008. There is an increasing awareness among the scientific community that toxic emotion can contribute to disease. Discover Heart Walls and how they affect your ability to receive and give love, and how to release them. 

According to Dr. Nelson: “Every cancer patient I treated was found to have trapped emotions embedded in the malignant tissues.”

How can I benefit from releasing my trapped emotions?

Releasing your trapped emotions can help you overcome the baggage of your past and can bring more love and value to your personal relationships. This healing can set the stage for you to attract abundance into every area of your life including your finances, career, and health. The Emotion Code actually raises your vibrational level —a phenomenal experience since most people never change their vibrational level. For a description of vibrational level read Power versus Force by Dr. David Hawkins.

Must I Relive or Remember the Trapped Emotion for it to be Released?

On the contrary, using the Emotion Code allows your past to remain private. There is no need to remember or relive past emotion. The person can share as much or as little as he/she chooses. For example, Kathy came to me with pain in her neck and shoulder area. Through muscle testing, I discovered psychic trauma from her past. In less than a minute, the trapped emotions were released. Kathy reported the discomfort was gone almost immediately. Not everyone has such dramatic results. The significance is that emotional issues are hiding in your tissues where you experience discomfort. Releasing the emotional issue resets the body’s energy for healing.

How do I know if I have a trapped emotion?

Everyone has developed trapped emotions at one time or another. Some trapped emotions are also inherited at the moment of conception. 

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