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How can I resolve childhood trauma?

Practitioners I should see, exercises I should try, I want it all!

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Harmony Center for Whole Being
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Hi there! The first step in resolving childhood trauma (or any wounding, pain, or trauma from the past) is awareness. You are aware and now you are seeking resolution. Next step, is acknowledgement. When seeking practitioners and modalities to support your healing, you may want to consider "how can I create a safe space to acknowledge what is here and what is coming up in my body and mind?".

Network Spinal is a non-traditional chiropractic approach that creates a safe space in the nervous system for trauma to be acknowledged and integrated. When trauma occurs, the nervous system binds the energy and information from the experience into the body. This can create a sense of stuckness, where the body is operating from the past wounding rather than present moment experience. Network Spinal helps the body shift into present moment, expand resourcefulness to be able to feel, heal, and integrate stress and trauma. There are practitioners across the globe, so if you are interested, we can connect you with someone near you.

Somatic therapy is another great option. Any practitioner that is nervous-system based and guides you to experience healing on a body-level will be key to sustainable outcomes. You ultimately have everything within you to resolve childhood trauma... the more you can create safety in the body and nervous system, acknowledge and express what comes up for you, and have tools to come back to your body again and again, you will certainly move through it and become stronger and more free as a result.

Laney Marie, LMT
Self-care is a journey and the first step is to simply acknowledge that you deserve to be loved and cared for.

Hi Dexter,

When it comes to trauma, the body carries a defense mechanism known as Miasm. It's an energetic layer the body creates as means of protection.

When the threat is no longer present, it becomes a low frequency holding us back in life. Think taking one step forward but five steps back.

To go even deeper, ancestral healing. An ancient healing modality that releases energetic/emotional buildup that surround the brain/spinal cord, to the muscles and cells, going bone deep. Healing current to past lives, to what's been encoded in DNA throughout ones ancestral lineage.

For the past three years I've been studying miasm under Don Massast. He is the founder and director of The Sacred Journey Institute, cranial sacral therapy with an energetic approach. His teachings have completely transformed my ENTIRE life.

Any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask!


Elynn A Light, MAP, RTT, LMT
Release pain naturally. I help people find and release trauma and negative beliefs so that they can experience Health and Success.

I specialize in releasing childhood trauma. I offer a complimentary initial consult if you are interested in discussing further.

Trauma is carried in the tissue of the body. And also held in the beliefs in the body and mind. I'm an intuitive and can see and feel what is being released and what remains. I work by zoom ( video session).

I have also studied with Alaya Chickly years ago. I have several modalities, 30 years of experience and match the ones best to your processing style for optimal results.

Rachel Hope
In order to truly heal and transform our life, we need to clear the pain stored in our body and to upgrade our limiting subconscious beliefs

I think childhood trauma is the #1 source of pain for most people. I help clients heal childhood pain by connecting with their young inner parts that still hold the pain. When a traumatic experience happens and we are not able to fully process the feelings (because it was too overwhelming, scary, told to not cry, or it felt unsafe to express our feelings because our parents were the people who hurt us), a part of our consciousness splits off and holds onto this pain 24/7 as if the same hurtful circumstances were constantly happening.

We can find these parts and give them love and compassion. We create a nurturing relationship with them by allowing them to speak, express their feelings, and even ask for what they need to feel safe or loved. We become the new unconditionally loving parent.

We also need to teach these hurt parts how awesome they are and that they deserve kindness and respect. Abuse and mistreatment can cause a child to develop debilitating, self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs about them self. As children we are constantly downloading every experience into our subconscious and forming beliefs about our self and how we fit into the world.

Children tend to internalize abuse and make it about them self. They might develop a subconscious belief such as "I am not lovable" "I don't deserve respect" or "People will hurt me."

Since these beliefs are in our subconscious, we may not not know they exist, but they will still exert a huge influence on our life as the subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than the conscious mind.

So in short, working with our inner child helps to heal the sting of childhood trauma and is a direct access to our subconscious, so we can install new healthy, life-affirming beliefs subconscious beliefs.

Helping people to heal their childhood pain is my life's mission, so please reach out with any questions. If you visit my website, I have a free guide to creating a relationship with your inner child, you can download.

Linda K. Bradak L.M.T., CST-D

There is an approach called Heart Centered Therapy taught by Alaya Chikly of Chikily Health Institute which is one of the most loving, EFFECTIVE approaches I have ever experienced to release childhood trauma. HCT is taught in both the US and overseas. I am a Teaching Assistant in it. Yvonne Fox is right in that you don't have to re-live traumas to move through them. I also refer you to my article on Facing your Fears on my Practitioner page and to the website for Heart Centered Therapy info.

Yvonne Fox

there are many tools available with A Shamanic Practitioner and the help of their guides that can work to let trauma go and regain the energy that is locked up from it. You don't have to re-live the trauma in order to move through/past it. Regaining your life energy is the goal, to make you the most intact, cohesive, Radiant being you were born to be.

Sara Schultz, CPC, ELI-MP, EDIT Certified
At Stillwater, we offer a wide array of healing arts tools and experiences for optimal living.

Therapists and counselors can be extremely helpful... It can be valuable to ask someone (in an initial consult if they offer it - I, and most therapists I know, do) whether they're trauma-informed and what approaches you might expect to do in treatment with them! Depending on what your trauma is, engaging in self-awareness, mindful, body-based practices can be healing (although depending on your state, could also be triggering, so please use caution in applying any of these tips).

It also might be helpful to do journalling and/or creative art... also reading narratives or books written by people who have experienced similar things can also be very cathartic! Best of luck to you :]

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