Restless Leg Syndrome

i have horrible, restless legs at night, the second that i lay down to try to go to sleep. It feels like being shocked with an electric cattle prod, painful, every 10 seconds, all night long. It goes away when i stand up. I am exhausted from now sleep. This is not a mineral deficiency. It is my body trying to finish a trauma that it never released. Anyone can help?? thank you, jim kraus

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Lauri Germain
Heilkunst homeopathy works like a time machine, by clearing the most recent trauma in your life, then working backwards in time.

Hi Jim,
Your symptoms could be a type of shingles without a rash. Have you considered homeopathy? Specifically the Heilkunst system to treat both sides of disease and release past trauma. More info on my website:

Betsy Lambert
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The Body Code can be very helpful for this type of disorder since it locates the fundamental imbalances that disrupt the nerve pathways. You are correct in surmising that it is probably trauma-based, but it could also be an inherited disorder that your trauma awakened. This trauma can be located and released no matter where it originated using Body Code techniques but you might also try putting soap under your sheets to see if that helps, too.

Rev. Susan Bischak, CCT, CNC
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FIR Tourmaline Tape works perfectly for a client of mine. She orders regularly so she can sleep at night and she uses it when flying as well. The cloth tape has powdered tourmaline in it which has a far-infrared effect when it is warmed by body heat. The effect is an increase in circulation and oxygenation of tissues, which relaxes the muscles. As an energy practitioner I would also try to release the trauma associated with this issue for a permanent fix. I do sell the tape and use it when needed for bumps and bruises.

Gabriele Schlumpberger

Trauma release could be very helpful. There could be also blockages in your energy body which needs to be released. I had 2 clients with symptoms you have, for oneclient it is completely gone and the other one has it only once in a while when he is stressed out. Distance work works very well. If you would like to know more about it, please contact me over my website :

I am an Alexander technique practitioner combining various somatic practices to support you in accessing your innate freedom, balance, ease of movement, and coordination throughout your life.

I agree with your idea that it is linked to trauma. In this case Alexander Technique and/or Somatic Experiencing would really helped.
I have a client whose RLS went away after 2 Alexander lessons.

Are you tired of a bandaid approach to your health? Those approaches mask the symptoms without solving the root cause. Let me help you find the answer to true wellness.

I have seen good results from the specific PEMF device I use in my office. If you would like to try a couple of sample sessions, I can see you in Gainesville or Williston.

Aviva Furman
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Have you tried weighted blankets?

Hope Hartley
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Hi Jim,
I think you are super on point with understanding these symptoms could be guiding you to release the trauma in your cells. I have helped many clients work through these, and there is often a heavy metal present in the body (which often builds up due to emotional trauma!). A simple bio energetic protocol, with the help of emotion code, shamanic journeying, and gentle detoxification will greatly improve this! I struggled with restless legs before, and I know how frustrating it can be! I do a lot of distance testing and energy work, and would love to be available to you... feel free to contact me, and check out the practice at!

Nikki Ahmad

hi jim, I think you have poor circulations, pls put a pillow beneath your 2 feet and avoid eating carbs in the evening. if you like you can also use coconut warm oil and massage gently upwards towards your heart. long strokes and hopefully your will feel better.

Dennis Pick, DC, DBCS, FBCAI
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Ashley Hendrickson

I have seen great success with the use of CBD oil. I have included a link for the one I believe is the best quality and most effective one available. Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions.

Hansa Gutierrez, M.S., LMFT
Relational Psychotherapist, Quantum Healer

How about asking your own Higher Self in Quantum Healing Hypnosis? People have had wonderful success releasing trauma that way.

Jean "Jenny" Hughes
Healing Facilitator

Have you tried EFT Tapping?

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