can stem cells cure joint pain -

can stem cells cure joint pain

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Dr. Mary Galloway

Yes they can! When we are born, we have Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), Platelets, Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells. These cells all work in concert to help us grow and heal. Every time we got a cut or broken bone as a child, platelets and MSCs would rush to the site to initiate the healing process. MSCs do not regenerate like platelets or red blood cells; by the time you are in your early 20’s, you have used up most of your MSCs. The MSCs that remain work more slowly and you heal more slowly. Stem Cell Therapy uses MSCs from your own fat, your own bone marrow or from the umbilical cords of healthy babies delivered by C-section – a voluntary process using a donated tissue that would normally be discarded. The MSCs (and/or platelets) are extracted and concentrated. These concentrated cells are injected into the painful, damaged joint. The MSCs and platelets initiate the healing process, instructing cartilage and other cells of the joint to grow and heal the joint. Your joint becomes healthier and you have little to no pain.

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