How can I get back into running after a hamstring injury? -
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How can I get back into running after a hamstring injury?

I was training for a half marathon and really messed up my hamstring. Im not sure if I pulled it or what, but suddenly my hamstrings on my left leg just locked up. I was in so much pain - I was literally limping to the uber. I have taken about 2 weeks off of running, and though I don't think the marathon is going to happen for me, I still want to keep running. So how should I approach getting back into running with my current hamstring issues?

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Haywood Simmons, Jr.
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Work on cadence and strike point during training. Your timing is also in need of checking. If you can send me a photo of you standing with views from four postitions I can help you more. Also checke in to some psoaz muscle exercises.

Minal Rajan, NTP
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If your dietary choices permit -- include bone broth and collagen daily -- the nutrients therein helps repair and heal all injuries and muscle tissue faster.

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