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If my parents have back pain, does that mean I will have back pain?

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Dr. Jessica Klain PT, DPT
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Absolutely not!

Although there are some research studies that indicate there is a genetic component to spine and joint health, genetics are not 100% responsible for back pain.

If you are concerned you may develop back pain some things you can do to keep your spine healthy: exercise regularly (strength and cardio), learn proper lifting mechanics, set your work space up for ergonomic success, learn how to move your body (Pilates, Yoga, etc.), eat a healthy diet, weight management, and have a good supportive (firm) mattress.

I love this question because I believe that prevention is the best way to approach back pain (and overall health in general)!

Inner Health and Healing LLC

HI Jake, Research has proven that the brain is powerful. It all comes down to your belief. Therefore, if you believe that you will get this because your parents have it than you will . If you believe otherwise than you won't. Likewise, you could do something to injure your back and you might say to yourself. "See, I knew it...I'm going to have back pain too!" Or you could say to yourself, "Just because I injured my back does not mean that I will have back pain like my parents. It just means that right now I have back pain." Sometimes we have beliefs in the subconscious that we are not aware of. Energettically these can be cleared. If you would like to dive into this further let me know!

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