On the path to self discovery and healing from previous trauma. How can hypnotherapy help me work through some difficult past times? - Heal.me

On the path to self discovery and healing from previous trauma. How can hypnotherapy help me work through some difficult past times?

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HI Tyler,
I practice hypnotherapy with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Neuro-linguistic offers a trauma reversal protocol that is rapid and effective. With that being said, it is advisable to do additional follow up work. Another NLP strategy is called a resource state. Here we 'anchor' a resource state and transform your past experiences on your timeline. This is all done in hypnosis and is also very effective. NLP practitioners are also hypnotherapists as most NLP strategies work with hypnosis. I suggest you look for someone who is a master NLP practitioner.
I also use a regression protocol with hypnosis that will take a client back to the original cause of the emotion or limiting belief associated with the trauma and allows processing of the significant event. This protocol also includes the timeline exercise at the end.

Chris Allen
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Hypnotherapy can help because it deals with your subconscious mind which is like the mega warehouse or bank vault of all your memories, experiences, emotions and feelings. Whenever something happens to use, it creates a sequence of events and then over time, they form patterns and habits. They also mold our beliefs.

With hypnosis, you have your present day knowledge and experience and are able to accurately communicate to a part of yourself that is stuck, neglected or that needs help. For example if Susie was seven the first time she saw her mother freak out when she saw a spider. It taught Susie to do the same. In hypnosis, Susie is able to communicate with her seven year old self and inform her that spiders create beautiful webs and spend many hours doing it and are no looking to harm anyone. She could even describe spiders as artist. Adult Susie then can replace the emotion of fear with another emotion and then create another pattern and thought process. The same can be done with trauma.

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Hi Tyler - it looks like you’ve received some really good answers related to hypnotherapy here. The common theme being that it’s key to get in touch with the deep levels of psyche he where trauma has settled and continues to impact your current existence. Once these areas are accessed and awareness is created, an opportunity to release the negativity occurs...

I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered Reiki energy healing treatments for addressing your past trauma? The outcomes can be similar to those of hypnotherapy. However, the focus is your entire person (mind/body/spirit) and the approach is focused on the energetic release of the trauma, allowing for healing and balance to occur on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

It appears that we are located in close proximity to each other. If you’re interested in exploring Reiki treatment options, please feel free to contact me.

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It's like anything else... one step at a time... revisiting the past puts pieces together that allow you to step forward today in a new way.... Plus, energetically you call in parts of you from that timeline. I don't do regression myself - but, I do energy work with Divine Beings who facilitate that work with your higher self.

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When a person has experienced trauma it is important to create a safe environment for their healing. Hypnotherapy can give a method to access deeper levels of consciousness that allow healing to occur. Also hypnotherapy can give self-awareness tools that you can use anytime and anywhere. The application of certain approaches to hypnotherapy supports the person at their pace rather a rote system that is not individualized.

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Hi Tyler, Hypnotherapy helps to give suggestions to your subconscious to reduce beliefs that have been distressing you and then suggests to the mind a positive alternative to those beliefs. This typically results in a reduction of negative symptoms.

That being said, I am trained in hypnotherapy and prefer to work in the following manner. I am certified in The Emotion Code and Advanced Integrative Therapy. Both of these techniques work with identifying and clearing trauma from the subconscious. I have found it enhances the effects of hypnotherapy to first work with those 2 modalities.

I also believe reducing setbacks are strengthened when you develop other skills e.g. meditation, tapping, learning about a healthy energy system and how to keep your chakra system balanced. In my own personal experience, I found working holistically, learning new skills and developing a practice is important to getting through hard times.

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Hi Tyler,
You should also look into Bach Flower Remedies. They are remarkable at healing past trauma. They don't just mask issues, but resolve the underlying energetic imbalance created by the trauma. They aren't just a placebo, either. I have worked with a lot of rescue animals, and they don't fall for the placebo effect. I have seen major turn-arounds in a matter of weeks.

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Hi Tyler. Hypnotherapy can be a good tool for working with difficult issues from the past. Given that you're wanting to also work with traumas, it would be important to make sure that your hypnotherapist specializes in trauma work. Depending on where you live, some states allow hypnotists to advertise as hypnotherapists, but they are not actually trained in therapy -- just the hypnosis. Hypnotherapist can use several approaches in dealing with past trauma. The therapist may use it to desensitize you or to help you completely recall buried events or to give you suggestions to help you overcome those events. Most likely some combination of all of that would be used.
This kind of treatment tends to work best in conjunction with EMDR therapy and NLP. The EMDR is excellent at desensitizing the event, and when used in combination with hypnosis and NLP the event can be completely reframed and removed as a source of negative influence in your life.

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Hi Tyler. I don't know about how hypnotherapy may help you. Im happy to share how PSYCH-K® may be able to assist you with transforming from a previous trauma. PSYCH-K® assists you with working with your subconscious mind on a conscious level to include your wisdom and spiritual guidance. We use muscle testing to assist with this communication. Your subconscious mind may communicate easily with you in this way to identify internal conflict /dis-harmony within to where you place your attention. With a spiritual permission protocol , you may quickly and effectively transform this internal conflict into peace and non-attachment typically within minutes, and its long lasting (your subconscious mind keeps the new change long term). May I recommend you check out you tube videos of Rob Williams and Dr Bruce Lipton and PSYCH-K®.
Many blessings to you!

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