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why didn't hypnotherapy work for me?

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Joanna Zoe Christopher

Dear eatinggoodfeelinggood,

Without more information it is difficult to answer this question. Did you talk with your hypnotist much before your session? Was the session personalized for your specific needs and beliefs? Did you feel comfortable and trusting about your hypnotist? Were you ready and willing to make whatever change you sought help with? I see that you are in Buffalo. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss it further. I know it was several months ago that you asked your question, but if you haven't resolved it maybe I can help.


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Hypnotherapy is a partnership in which client and therapist work as a team. I take the time to talk with my clients in-depth before we begin hypnosis, so they understand the nature of hypnosis and feel at ease.

This feeling of ease allows the process to work best. My clients understand that hypnosis is not magic. It is a natural state that people enter many times a day - when reading a good book, watching a great movie, driving - and in our sessions, we use this natural state of focus and receptivity to help you make the changes that you want to make, such as reducing anxiety, gaining confidence, healing from past events.

My clients understand that they are not under my control, that they chose to do this work with me for their own healing, and that helps the therapy have the greatest effect.

If you'd like to find out about hypnosis with me, you can set up a free phone consultation on my profile to discuss further. Talk to you soon!

Mark Sewell

Did you discuss this further with your practitioner? I find that sometimes clients feel as though they are the ones who have failed, when all that is needed is honest discussion/feedback. That information is incredibly valuable and will help your practitioner create a plan to move forward. While all of us in the field love it when there seems to be instant, almost miraculous change, the reality is that most of the time it is a process of working through layers and adapting session by session to create the desired outcome.

Greg McHugh, CHT
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Some hypnotherapist only address the subconscious mind by trying to reprogram or rescript the subconscious while the client is in trance. If the cause of the issue is not addressed with healing, no such rescripting will have any lasting effect.

Much of what you may take to a hypnotherapist, such as anxiety, depression is often caused by trauma in this life or a prior life where the difficult emotions and beliefs arising into your conscious experience of today are difficult to bring healing to with the conscious mind.

Regression Therapy is an effective and powerful way to allow the subconscious mind to show you where and how the anxiety or depression was created. Often following this route in trance can lead to catharsis or epiphanies of awareness. In my regression work I invoke the Presence of Angels or the client's Higher Self to come and touch the client in the causal trauma. Therein does the Divine Presence or Light cause the emotions and beliefs that had emerged out of the trauma to dissolve. The client then returns to the present clear of the anxiety or depression.

Sometimes other beings, entities of a dark nature or deceased human spirits may attach to us and suddenly we seem to fall into negative state. We begin to take on the dark mind or are manipulated by the dark ones, yet think that the negative thoughts are our own when actually they are the thoughts of the attached entity.

Moreover, if a deceased human spirit attaches to us they bring to us and our consciousness the state they died in. If such a deceased died in a state of depression and committed suicide, we may suddenly find ourselves in that state and pondering suicide.

For a therapist to successfully address any of the above possible scenarios they should have back ground and training in how to utilize divine Presence in Regression Therapy and how to clear attached entities through Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Celia Gellert

What were you working on in your session? In a session you are in full control and you may not have been ready to face what you were hoping to. I would recommend writing down the thoughts that came up for you during your session. I hope you are able to try another session where you feel safe to explore your desired outcome. Lots of joy and gratitude your way.

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I believe all of the answers below are good feedback. In addition it is critical to understand that repetition is an important part of changing the programming in the subconscious mind. I always give homework, usually listening to the suggestions from the session daily. Hypnosis is not generally a one and done process if you expect lasting change. Don't give up, there are very people who cannot benefit from hypnotherapy.

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I agree with Megan. Depending on what you are working on, more sessions may be needed to create the significant change you desire. Other things that could get in the way are blocks to allowing yourself to relax, trust and go deeply into trance, where the most good can happen. (caffeine can also get in the way of relaxation, so after coffee is not ideal) Sometimes people are afraid of "letting go" or "losing control", and their conscious mind stands in the way. Being comfortable with you hypnotherapist is also important. If you don't trust your therapist enough to relax, then you may not completely reach the state where change can happen. And, just as in any profession, it is possible that the hypnotherapist may not have been skilled enough to help you reach the proper state. Sometimes hypnosis doesn't "work" if the client doesn't truly desire the change. Hypnosis can be very powerful, but it is not "magic" it is an added tool to help the client move toward a goal they have, but they also must do their part. I hope you'll consider all of these things and see if any of them might have been in the way of your success, and give it another try!

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There may be several reasons and it depends on what you're trying to work through. More sessions may have been helpful or maybe you just haven't seen the results quite yet. I'm sure you gained some insights at the very least, which is essential to creating change in one's life. All healing entails a combination of increasing awareness and developing the will to take more constructive action.

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