Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety? -

Can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

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Hypnotherapy is great for anxiety because it can help you release overwhelming emotions and instead have an appropriate level of feeling to deal effectively with events in life. Emotions are motivators - even uncomfortable emotions like fear and anger - but if they are too strong they can inhibit effective action instead of encouraging it. Hypnosis with me can help you set down thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you and reach your goals more easily, feeling confident, focused, and relaxed. Schedule your free consultation with me to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you take charge of your life. Talk to you soon!

Rima Montoya
By deepening your receptivity to the power of unconscious processes you’ll learn a skill set that will significantly increase your effectiveness and create profound noticeable shifts.

Yes, by all means! Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for managing anxiety. More and more people are turning to hypnosis for relief. It's even being used in major hospitals around the country including the Mayo Clinic.

Hope that helps!


Terre McCue
The Healer's Apprentice

Hello Alicia:

The answer to your question is yes. I've had clients come to me with PTSD and in one sesion, have the anxiety dismissed.

In speaking with the Soul, or Subconscious, I learned what the mechanism was behind PTSD or any other form of anxiety, which I found to be fascinating. I was told that the 'picture' or 'image' of the undesirable circumstance located in our energy field is out of proportion - too large. The Subconscious would simply "shrink" the image to its proper size and that would eliminate the anxiety connected to it. More often than not, my clients would report seeing a white or blue light operating within the head or other part of the body where the trauma was lodged, as that is the tool the Subconscious uses for its healing purposes.

I also work with another protocol which maintains specifically that there are pictures of our trauma located in our spiritual heart. I've had the same amazing results with this healing tool. When the clearing work has been accomplished, the targeted emotion or physical imbalance becomes nullified by virtue of the picture being reduced or eliminated.

I hope this is of help to you.

Kind regards,

Dr. Ken Lee Pennock
​Using holistic, religious, and energy technologies we treat the entire person. We believe everything is energy and when we address healing on an energetic level we reach the core cause of the issue.

Ok, let me spin this another way. Anxiety has its roots in fear. Fear caused in the present by some similar trauma experienced in the past. Don’t discount fetal development as part of your past. It was a moment when you were attenuated/unconscious/emotionally strained in some way. In a manner of speaking, you were knocked out or sleep. The commands in your environment at the time of the original traumatic event were recorded in your mind under your awareness. Meaning you were Hypnotized, and commands were given to you at the time of your unconsciousness. If you were to allow yourself to be hypnotized again, this would lay another command on top of the original one. This could cause you great trouble in the future because you would have conflicting commands. For example,​ one saying, “Watch out” the other saying “Don’t worry about it”. This will cause headaches and other physical problems.

There are 2 best ways (in my opinion) to deal with anxiety. First “in the moment” with BIO-TAPP or (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT. This involves taping 9 acupuncture points in sequence to release the charge of the current anxiety. You can learn how to treat yourself with this and it is free and available at This has been shown to release the charge of anxiety. (charge – the feeling/emotion in your body that feels like something is wrong)

The second way is Dianetics Auditing, you will need a partner with this. Dianetics goes deeper into the basic cause of your anxiety. What we currently think is the cause of our anxiety is NEVER it. It is something deeper. A Dianetics Auditor is specially trained to help you follow the path to the basic event of trauma. Once that is cleared you will never have anxiety around that subject again. If you don’t have a Dianetics Auditor in your area, find a friend and read the book Dianetics together. (Sometimes just reading the book clears anxiety. ”knowledge is power”) Watch the videos at That will give you a visual explanation on your mind and how it works to create anxiety in your life and how you can get rid of it. There are many more resources there to help you.

Hope this gives you another option to consider.

These statements are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any diseases.

Joanna Zoe Christopher

Hi Alicia.

Yes! Hypnosis can be very helpful to reduce anxiety, especially when it addresses the source of the worry and helps the client to feel more in control of their thought patterns and emotions. I like to teach my clients self hypnosis and some simple NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques to help them when they are not in my office. Every person is different, so it is important to find a hypnotist who will take the time to listen and understand your situation and address it with a session that is customized for you.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.


Cavelle Ardiel
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Hello Alicia, Thank you for your question. Hypnosis is a great modality for getting to the root cause of the anxiety which could be a trauma or a set of beliefs. This is in the hippocampus/subconscious part of your brain where memories and emotional attachments are held. These memories are from your past deeply rooted in childhood experiences. and then reinforced as we grow into adulthood.

Once I guide the client to the root cause from going to scenes (not always required) the client finds their own answers as to why it is causing the anxiety and knowledge is power. It is like your AHA moment. We release the attachment in the session and use other powerful mind tools to create new beliefs and future focus. What do you want your life to look like now!

A 21 day recording (which is personalized) is important to listen to as the client needs to rewire the brain and reinforce the new understanding (belief) that came up in the session. I also help the client with tools to continue to work through any issues that may come up after the session as it is like peeling the layers of an onion.

I do recommend nutrition as well as the body and mind need to be in synchronicity. Trace minerals, microbiomes and activating the NRF2 pathway are important in the long term success of living a physically and emotionally in tune life.

While no one can guarantee a perfect life both physically and emotionally, the education and knowledge of having the coping skills and other tools available gives the confidence necessary to handle what life brings and to know that reaching out for support is beneficial to continued growth.

I hope that piques your interest as this is backed by science and is a growing field. It removed the nightmares I experienced from childhood in one session. That is why I am passionate about it.



Susan Sophia James
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Yes, hypnosis works with situational anxiety and there is more to the story. Anxiety is exacerbated by lack of enough sleep and deep sleep, lack of nutrition and nutritional deficiencies, and stress. It is helpful to use hypnosis with a comprehensive approach.

Laura Turiano, MC
Rapid Transformational Therapy incorporates hypnosis to identify and heal deep subconscious beliefs in order to feel better and move forward

Hi Alicia,
Yes, hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, especial Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). This is a therapy that utilizes hypnosis to help clients discover and heal the root cause of the anxiety that lives in the subconscious mind. During a session a person is regressed back to scenes or memories from the past where the root of the anxiety started. Once the root is understood, it can be healed and the old limited beliefs and emotions that are causing the anxiety can be released. Each session ends with the creation of a 15-20 minute recording to be listened to for at least 21-days in order to reprogram the mind to the new beliefs. RTT only requires one to three sessions to be effective.

Linn Fry
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Hi Alicia,

Hydrotherapy can be a great tool to reducing anxiety along with other modalities. Will it be the cure all? No. It is super important to rid your body of toxins and make sure that you are eliminating well. My personal recommendation ALONG with hydrotherapy would be coffee enemas. They really work to detox the body and a lot of my clients feel a sense of calmness and relaxation within ten minutes of them along with all of the other physical assistance it provides them. Together, I feel these are great modalities to leave you feeling your best. Good luck to you!

CQA Wellness
We live in a time where the way we heal the human body is changing.. DR OZ had it right the future of healthcare is Quantum healing.

I don't need more information.. it's all covered in my research.. lol if you need help with anxiety or us

CQA Wellness
We live in a time where the way we heal the human body is changing.. DR OZ had it right the future of healthcare is Quantum healing.

We are curing anxiety, depression and pretty much any mental illness with Quantum healing. which is a new form of hypnosis.

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