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Can hypnotherapy help with weight loss and binge eating?

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Anna Rathbun, NC
Are you exhausted, burnt out and tired? Does the term Adrenal Fatigue ring true for you? What's the connection between life stress and your indigestion, bowel trouble?

Yes, I believe hypnotherapy can help with weight loss and binge eating. However, first approach would be actual nutrition. Do you overeat and crave sugar in the afternoon? You may actually be hungry! Many healthy eating plans simply do not provide enough protein in the morning so people end up binging as a survival instinct. There's no such thing as weak willpower, only weak brain chemistry because the brain wasn't fed enough strengthening food.

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Do you know why you binge eat? EFT might help.

I help people make positive changes in their lives in a gentle and subtle way.

Weight loss can be a challenge because the issue is often tied to multiple areas. It is not as though we can just choose to stop eating; it is a requirement for our bodies to survive.

For many people there are things tied to food, for example when parents reward their children for doing something well or families have celebrations there is often the food present. Generally this food is not the healthiest choice, but it is related to positive feelings and it becomes an indulgence when a “pick me up” is in order.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique that allows you to gently make changes to unwanted behaviors. Hypnosis works by putting the body and conscious mind in a relaxed state so you can work easily with the unconscious mind. This in no way takes control away from the client or the person being hypnotized. Being hypnotized is a choice. Generally the client remembers the whole session and for many people it just feels like you are very relaxed and took a little nap when you are done.

Help remove challenges with poor food choices

If there are particular foods that are a challenge they can be decreased or completely discouraged. Hypnosis allows for a different experience of food and makes it easier to stop eating food that is not the best choice.

Encourage positive food choices

Eating foods that are healthier can take planning and diligence. Hypnosis can help you make better choices by making those foods you should eat taste even better, helping you crave them and making some positive associations. The goal is in general to focus on the ones that you already like rather than encouraging food that are not favorites.

Encourage exercise

For many the goal is to be healthier and weight loss is part of that process. Part of the goal might be to have more energy, increase flexibility, strength and well-being. Hypnosis can help inspire exercise by making the practice of exercise a more positive experience.

Increase water consumption

One of the major parts of overall health is consistent water consumption. Sometimes the body does not register thirst even though the body needs more water. Having a well hydrated body can support overall health of the internal organs and skin. Hypnosis can help by creating positive associations or relationships with water.

Improve positive behaviors

Many times we just eat too much food at a sitting, so hypnosis can work with portion control and eating at a slower pace. This can allow you to eat what you enjoy, but limit the portion size by making you feel full sooner. Helping all of these elements to work together makes the process of losing weight and feeling healthier possible.

Working with hypnosis can make the experience of losing weight a more pleasant experience and less stressful experience.

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