Connection is what we do every single day in different ways as human beings. As much as we may enjoy our time alone, we will always be navigating a life with friends, family and a community of others. Every single day, we connect with what is in our life and what surrounds us in this world. Would you agree?

It is clear to me, we live in a world of connection.
So, what does this mean and, how do connections impact our lives?

To me, connection or connections is another word for people. When I talk about connections impacting our life, I am talking about what comes our way when connect to others individually or in a group. If we are truly paying attention, we will note shifts within ourselves. These can be subtle or stronger shifts that impact us on all levels – emotionally, mentally or physically.

If we have not noticed these shifts, it’s because our mind is too busy elsewhere and most of the world is unaware of the energetic dynamics that surround us. Every single person, thought, word or situation can and does impact us!

The truth is that humanity has not received the memo on the importance of going within. I am talking about connecting to “feelings” – which is a quiet awareness and knowing within each of us. 

Going within means we connect to observe our energetic responses to people, places and situations. We are to notice as an observer. This is not our habit yet – as, humanity does not understand its importance. Many of us actually avoid looking within because, at a core level, we fear confronting what we do not understand – heavy or confusing emotion. We fail to realize that emotions and feelings are not the same thing. They are truly very different! Plus, we fear the vulnerability that comes from our own emotions – thus avoiding a deeper connection. How accurate does this sound so far?

When do we go within? Most of us sit up to pay attention and go within when we are struggling in some way. There are many reasons and situations in life that cause us to struggle. All along, there are emotional and physical clues and symptoms that something is wrong. These symptoms range from headache, anxiety, and mood swings to depression. These symptoms often appear because we have discounted, ignored or avoided our feelings all along because we were not aware. Plus, it doesn’t help that we often use drugs, alcohol or pills to cope – numbing our emotions. All along, we are not truly understanding or seeing the energetics at play that affect us. This is a big problem… our problem!

What we do instead – what humanity does very well to cope and release energetic tension is to complain, compare or whine about life! In this way, we open our mouth and push out what is not so pleasant within. This comes out as anger, criticism or judgment. How does all that sound to you?

In summary, we are impacted by energy!
Emotions, thoughts, and even words are energy.
We impact one another energetically every single day.

Most people are unaware of these insights. The ones who semi-understand energy realize there are tools that allow them to feel better. These tools include exercise, breath work, yoga or meditation in their lives. The ones who are more advanced choose to become seekers of knowledge – where they dive deeper into energetics – these are the Empaths of today!

Empaths are the ones who feel strongly and deeply what is going on around them and within others. About one-third of Empaths have always known they could sense more than others. The other two-thirds are finding their way now after years of unawareness and struggle. Empaths are the ones often labeled as “too sensitive”. Empaths are the ones that connect to understand the emotions of others. Empaths are the ones who listen to others share their most personal stories. Empaths are chameleons who can connect to almost anyone. Empaths range in level of sensitivity and are typically highly intuitive. Being an Empath – in some circles – is classified as a psychic gift. To me, it is a way of being – a gift that facilitates a soul-to-soul connection. For more traits, read the 30 traits of an Empath.

Empaths are awakening in large numbers and joining together. First they learn what it means to be an Empath. Then they move on to becoming a skilled Empath. In the end, they become the wise Empath who understands themselves and others in this world. They are the seekers learning about self-healing, energy smarts and intuitive development. They are natural healers who feel, know and sense truths at deeper levels.

Today’s wisdom for you:

Your top responsibility is your own healing on all levels.
Your directive is to transcend perceptions and limiting beliefs.
Your daily priority is self-care.
You are a spiritual being.
You are not your thoughts, emotions or body.
You are not here to be the martyr or wounded healer.
You are to listen to your higher guidance.
You are love, you are not alone and, you are not crazy.

I often share that everyone is an Empath. Why do I say this? I say this realizing there are all levels of awareness in the world and that, in truth – every single person on this planet is impacted by energy! There will be those who won’t see or understand and, that is ok. Those who embrace these concepts are the strongest of Empaths awakening to their unique journey.

Much Love, Michelle