We choose our circle of friends.
We dance with them.

Why do we choose certain people, and not others, to dance with us? 

There is one word that explains our decisions. 
The word is RESONANCE.

Resonance is a metaphysical term describing a subconscious energy dynamic that is plays a role in our decision making.

The term ‘resonance’ measures our desire, drive or lack thereof for an idea, person, place or thing. It measures our agreement or lack thereof to an idea, person, place or thing. Resonance measures our general feeling or vibe.

To be ‘in resonance’ feels expansive, appropriate and comfortable. In this way, we move towards something that resonates with us.

To experience ‘no resonance’ is sometimes referred to as ‘dissonance’. It shows up as a repulsion or aversion. In this way, we stand back from it.

Resonance shows up when you experience:

  • An immediate liking or attraction to one another.

  • An interest and commonality of interests.

  • A feeling of excitement or a similar sense of humor.

  • A synchronicity of sorts that allowed you to meet.

When a thought, idea, place or thing holds resonance for us, we listen, connect or, gravitate towards it.

When a person shares a resonance with us, the stage is set to come together. The doors open for this individual to step more fully into our life. They come into our sacred space and, we dance together.

Resonance begins the dance – to learn, share or support one another.

The dance of friendship isn’t always smooth. 

There can be a mix of fun and entertainment. There can be casual enjoyment of time spent together or jarred engagement. There can also be conflict as well – as friends don’t always agree.

The dance continues for a season, a reason or a lifetime. It ends when there is no longer a desire, drive or circumstance that brings the two together.

Within each dance, the melody changes with twists and turns.

Each dance brings unique energy dynamics between you.

Positive dynamics includes companionship, laughter, dependability or affirmation of value, love, affection, etc.

Negative dynamics include drama, lack of validation, dismissive attitudes, betrayal, etc.

Neutral dynamics brings a steady, comfortable and paced connection between you. In this way, you accept one another, there is a vibrational match between you and, an equal exchange of energy.

Within neutral dynamics, each person allows space for independence and interdependence. Within these wonderful dynamics, each person takes special care and responsibility for themselves and their life.

Why don’t we all embrace neutral dynamics in our friendships?

Unfortunately, neutral dynamics are not the norm. Most people engage in a friendship dance with a mix of negative and positive dynamics.

Neutral dynamics are precious and rare. They show up in select relationships or friendships that involve old souls who are deeply aware of their heart connection.

Old soul are awakening today to embrace neutral energy dynamics. Their goal is to empower themselves – to enjoy beautiful connection, support and harmony with others.

Love & Light,