Diagnosed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis when I was eight, my life was marked with fatigue, anxiety, and uncertainty. Relying on traditional medical advice, I was given Synthroid, a synthetic supplement. It promised relief but required frequent blood tests to adjust doses. While this conventional approach offered a solution, its limitations were glaringly evident when many of my symptoms persisted.

A quest for well-being led me to try other medications. Armour Thyroid was one such switch, but it resulted in panic attacks and a severe condition, myxedema coma. This experience was a stark reminder that one solution doesn’t fit all, emphasizing the core challenge of understanding and catering to my unique bodily needs.

Growing up spiritually rooted, this period tested my faith, pushing me into an “existential crisis.” Seeking solace and meaning, New York became my refuge. The vibrant city was an amalgamation of cultures, and it was here that I embarked on my holistic journey in 2015, through yoga teacher training. This practice became a keystone, teaching me that wellness is not just physical but also mental and spiritual. Having unlocked this new perspective, I was primed and eager to delve deeper into the vast realm of holistic healing.

The Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, beckoned next. At the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, I discovered the universe of holistic therapies. From nutrition, herbal medicine, polarity therapy, reflexology, to Chinese Medicine, these therapies, in combination with my Synthroid medication, began to make a significant difference. It was this intersection of eastern and western remedies that truly worked wonders for me. I also encountered the world of plant-based medicine while learning under a native shaman, further broadening my horizons.

Yoga became my beacon, especially in handling the challenges of Hashimoto’s. Through its practice, I found relief from the anxiety and fatigue that often burdened me. It anchored me, bringing about a sense of integration, strength, and resilience - essential tools for me as I cared for others in my role as a bodyworker. To my surprise, the comforting warmth of yoga and saunas counteracted the cold sensitivity associated with Hashimoto's, especially during the colder months. Additionally, I discovered the calming impact of frequency music and reiki tunes, with singing bowls and solfeggio frequencies being particularly effective in regulating my nervous system.

The power of laughter and positive mindset became evident through Kaatje, the spirited former stuntwoman. Her journey with comedy and ketamine for pain management reminded me that sometimes it's the unconventional paths that lead to wellness.

In hindsight, it was my unwavering commitment to a holistic way of life that brought about the most significant positive shifts in my well-being.

My greatest challenge, undoubtedly, has been understanding my body’s unique needs. While I wish I could be free from pharmaceuticals, the truth is, for many of us, including me, they are necessary. But their limitations became the foundation for my exploration into holistic therapies. The fusion of traditional medicine with holistic remedies is a powerful testament to the idea that balance is key. It's a journey of trial and error, discovery, and understanding. No two bodies are the same, and thus, getting to know our individual composition is essential. For only in this self-awareness and knowledge can we truly find our path to optimal health.

Now residing in Nashville, TN, with over six years in massage therapy, my personal experiences have inspired me to offer services such as nutrition coaching, reiki, yoga guidance, and more. Through these, I aim to guide others towards holistic health, integrating both conventional and alternative therapies.