The power of a cat purring in your lap, a mother humming to a baby, or a dryer rumbling under a carseat has a large impact on our tissues. As these vibrational frequencies shift the ripple of hydration in our body we can change how our body responds to the stress hormone and release tension. As the human body is comprised largely of water you can think of how frequency effects us as though throwing a pebble into a pond.

When you throw that pebble in and watch the concentric cicles formed and radiating out from the center; this is frequency applied to the tissue of our body. The first frequency disrupts the tension and then begins to ripple away, causing release. It's the echo of sound through the body.

Now set an intension to this frequency/sound and use it for healing purpose. Using a tool, such as a drum, with a slow steady beat can bring a calm meditative state- releasing tension. The opposite can be a fast erratic beat bringing tension and stress. So we choose our purpose and apply it.

How can we harness vibration for relief from stress and anxiety? We don't all need to go out and adopt a cat or find someone to hum for us while we sit on the dryer. We can use tools at our fingertips.

Consider these options for using vibration and frequency to reduce stress(not a comprehensive list, but a place to start):

1) vibrational sound healing (often referred to as sound baths): This option is usually done as a group at yoga studios and meditation centers. Practioners will use gongs, drums, bowls, and sometimes voice to change the ripple of brain waves. It can be very cost effective and leave you with a feeling of relaxed contentment.


2) binaural beat recordings: This option gives you the opportunityto listen wherever you are. There are many apps, websites, and discs to consider. Choosing the frequency for your desired intention can be an easy internet search. Sometimes the biggest struggle with this option is self discipline and remembering to listen consistently enough to see results. I recommend an accountability partner that will be listening to their own and having a quick check in system.

3) vibrational sound therapy: This can be the most challenging to find a practioner in your area, but has the most rewards. Himalayan Singing bowls are used with therapuetic accuracy on the body. This moves the hydration in your body and begins to create stimulation to the brain waves inciting Delta and Theta brain waves. Giving the client a deeper relaxation and relief from the tension in the body and mind. Clients often leave feeling rejuvenated and deeply grounded.

Can you think of a sound that calms and releases the tension from your mind? Body? How can you harness that and use it throughout your day to bring peace and ease? 



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