For most of my life, I struggled with body image and body dysmorphia issues. I was my own worst critic, constantly beating myself up and feeling like I had to work out every single day, even when I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. No matter how low the number on the scale was, how strong I was, or how thin I was, it never felt like enough. I never thought I looked good, despite working out all the time, doing triathlons, and being in what most would consider "amazing shape." This constant self-criticism was an immense burden that weighed on me daily, leading to low self-esteem and self-worth. My relationship with my body was extremely toxic.

I sought help through traditional therapy, life coaching, and affirmations, but even after years of intensive work combining these methods, nothing seemed to work. No matter how hard I tried or what I knew I "should" believe, there was still a deep-seated belief inside me that I couldn't shake: I was imperfect, ashamed of my body, and never satisfied with my appearance, regardless of how many positive comments I received from others.

These years of struggle were a prolonged period of living in a distorted reality. The difficulties I faced weren't encapsulated in one pivotal event but were spread across countless instances of denying myself food, over-exerting myself in workouts, not honoring my body in my relationships, and the relentless cycle of changing my clothing style, endlessly rotating my wardrobe, never feeling content with my appearance. This extended state of conflict and unhappiness with my body felt like navigating through life with a veil over my eyes. It was only after lifting this veil, through healing, that I could see the extent of damage wrought by my own thoughts.

I had been working on this issue for 15 years, but despite making some progress, the deep feelings remained. I had honestly given up hope that things would ever be different. However, four years ago, I attended an Energy Psychology training called PSYCH-K®, where I learned how to transform limiting beliefs. Although I didn't sign up with the intent to change my body image issues, I experienced a mind-blowing shift during the workshop.

Before attending the PSYCH-K® training, I had tried various conventional therapies and techniques, such as traditional therapy, life coaching, tapping, and affirmations, but none of them yielded successful results. It was during the PSYCH-K® training that I experienced a massive shift in my body dysmorphia. This methodology works with the subconscious mind, which is 10 million times more powerful than the conscious mind, and can be used to heal limiting and negative beliefs, trauma, and more.

The change I experienced was so powerful that I unexpectedly burst into tears the moment I started releasing all the tension and repressed emotion. Tears welled up in my eyes at different moments throughout the day, not from pain, but from an overwhelming feeling of relief and appreciation for the healing that was taking place.

I didn't realize how heavy my body dysmorphia was and how mean I had been to myself until I felt this release. After this experience, I felt sad about how I had been treating myself, but also allowed immediate forgiveness and love for myself and my body. I now feel lighter, freer, and more loving towards my body and others. This change has enabled me to move through the world with more confidence, self-love, and compassion for myself and those around me.

Inspired by my own transformation, I decided to integrate PSYCH-K® into my practice as a life coach. I had been a traditional life coach for almost 10 years before attending the training, and using PSYCH-K® has allowed me to speed up the healing and reprogramming process, helping clients overcome hurdles that were previously difficult to address. Now, I offer a unique blend of PSYCH-K® and other holistic healing services in combination with traditional life coaching, helping clients get to the root of their problems and implement solutions that produce fast results. I offer both individual sessions and 3-month packages, with the goal of sharing these types of transformations with everyone.