Do you want to find clarity in your goals and get support every step of the way? What is in your way of achieving your goals now? -
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Do you want to find clarity in your goals and get support every step of the way? What is in your way of achieving your goals now?

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Brian M. Truskowski
Personal Development Coach

A saying that I have is this. The hardest journey there really is, is the 8" from the heart to the mouth. My belief is that people TRULY know what they want, but they've been told in the past that they can't, or it's silly, or they're not good at it, etc. And speaking that truth is scary, because then they have to do something or be accountable to it. At this point, we can take steps to achieving your goals and making plans, and being open to those plans playing out differently that we thought. I've seen people overcome this block and step into some pretty amazing lives!

Elizabeth Sherman
Ceritfied Life & Weight Loss Coach

I find that with many of my clients, that when we set out to achieve a goal, we inadvertently decide how we’re going to accomplish it. When achieving success is so important to us that we believe with every fiber of our being that we’re going to achieve it - we often don’t get to the goal the way that we envisioned it to be. We might make several different attempts with different diets before we figure out the right combination of diet and exercise that works for us and our lifestyle. When we become too singularly focused on how we’re going to accomplish the goal, it can get in our way of success. We need to be open to other methods working for us.

Sabina Maez
I am an acupuncturist. I inspire and support people to live at their highest potential by transforming their health and life experience.

When looking to achieve goals one must be conscious and honest with his/herself of ones own temperament. In Chinese medicine there are 5 basic temperaments and each person can be a mixture, though usually having one main temperament. The Wood temperament is very goal oriented and often actually doesn't struggle with setting and reaching goals. other temperaments are not as goal oriented and need to find ways that work with their temperaments to reach their goals. It's a journey of getting to know yourself and what works for you.

Physician Assistant

Something that is very important to decision-making is instinct. This is an attribute we all possess but it needs to be worked - like a muscle. The more you observe it and listen to it the stronger it will become. It's also helpful to write down goals - if you visualize it and put it to paper you can make notes on your progress.

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