Most of our programs anchored into our subconscious are labeled as self-sabotaging, defeating, disempowering and limiting. These are all 3rd Dimension energies anchored in our own brain. These feelings and emotions I just listed are energy vampires, they drain our energy so much so that we are caught up in that brain loop of thoughts that do not serve our highest and best purpose. We just don’t have the energy to make changes for our greater good.

How do we turn this around? First, we must acknowledge our programming. Look at the people around you, how they act-react to the environment around them. Are they extroverted or introverted? Do they have money issues, relationship issues or just having a hard time making and keeping friends? Are they ill often, or have chronic issues? This has nothing to do with genes folks. Science has already proven that we are only 1% of our genes. Just listen to Bruce Lipton PhD.

Once we spot our own vanities and overcares, which might take the help of a HeartMath coach to bring to the surface of the conscious mind, we can focus in and begin the process of programing in the new. How many of you have read a self-help book that did not really change your world? You took the words and concepts into your conscious mind which is all about creativity and learning but in the end, you never were able to find the healing professed in the book. The reason the author found healing was because that author lived, breathed and thought constantly about his concept until it had ingrained into his subconscious mind and became a new program…just like learning how to drive that car! How many of us spend that much time after reading that book on doing that concept? Not many. If you don’t have that author as your constant coach your conscious mind will soon urge you onto the next self-help book. Recognize this looping process? Its’ how our brain works, until we learn how to play its game, we will continue to do the same things, live the same way, and deal with the same issues.

Most of humanity will not change until they learn how to override the generations of programming within their subconscious mind. They will not change until they learn how to sync the heart and the brain together and to sync the left and right brain hemispheres. This is science. 

But, many of humanities positive heartfelt changes we are seeing in our world are due to those who have found a way to shift from 3 D consciousness into 4D and higher in 5D. It’s all done by reconnecting to our heart, that organ that is not just a blood pump but our connection to our true higher self. Science has also now proven that it is our heart area that holds our intuition, our higher guidance and the answers to all our challenges and questions. Change your heart and change your world.

HeartMath has many, many techniques that you can easily integrate into your life so that you can override outdated, disempowering, and harmful programming.