Wet Sock Treatment 

A drug-free method to help reduce and prevent illness

This process is highly effective to gently increase circulation and to increase the efficiency of the immune system. 

When to use it: Onset of a cold, fever and throughout the flu season. 

Who can use it: This procedure is ok for anyone who has the ability to vocalize if they get cold. Monitor small children to ensure a chill does not occur. 

Who should not use it: Anyone unable to sense or communicate that they are chilled.

What you"ll need: 

  • 100% cotton socks (thin, organic, and white if possible)

  • 100% wool or fleece socks

  • Cold water


  1. Ensure you are warm before you start procedure. If not warm, take a hot shower or drink warm ginger tea.

  2. Immerse cotton socks in cold water up to the ankle portion of sock, wring out thoroughly and place on feet.

  3. Cover feet and cold socks with dry, wool socks

  4. Go to bed and cover up warmly. 

Upon waking or in a few hours, the socks should be dry.

If you become cold during the procedure, remove socks and re-warm yourself before starting the procedure over again.

Give it a shot and let me know how you feel in the comments below!