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What are the pros and cons of giving one's children vaccinations?

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Modern Day Alchemist and Master Healer

Here are a few things to consider: The vaccines itself are not the harmful substance, it is the solution they are made stable in that contains Neuro toxins.You can call the pediatrician and request vaccine without the stabilizing solution, just the vaccine.They can order that. There are people that do not want to give vaccines and I am slightly bias. I think certain selective vaccines are good to prevent spreading of a particular disease but I am very selective. I do not consider Tetanus, HPV, or chicken pox necessary. In fact if you get chicken pox as adult it has much worse consequences. The vaccine is not a 100% preventative of the disease anyway. Oh and never let them vaccinate when the kiddo is sick. My first born, they vaccinated into an upcoming cold and he got full blown symptomology of Pertussis for 6 weeks and was only 5 months old. With a year he had his first asthmatic bronchitis. He is luckily fine now and not on any meds.

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