Today I want to share with you some more details about the Heart-Mind connection and the role it plays in our lives and how you can harness that energy to be at your best and feel your best.

When we connect with our "Heart-Mind" we can connect to our wisdom and our intuition. Here’s the thing you are amazing you have all the answers inside of you. I’m sure you have heard this before. But I know that sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way. It can feel like you don’t have any answers or clarity about what to do next. There were many times in my life when I felt that the answers were nowhere to be found.

Or at times the emotions would be so overwhelming that I was incapable of doing anything – afraid to make the wrong move or the wrong decision. It felt like watching a bad tennis match in my mind – do this – no don’t do that if you do something bad will happen. Ok let’s try again… do this – nope that will never work you are just going to make things worse. Back and forth back and forth still stuck and now fear has tried to attach itself to the equation. When our mind takes over it is using our history and the things we know or believe to be true to drive the process.

Let me explain a little more about what is going on here. Our heart has its own complex nervous system called the often called the heart brain (I like to call it the Heart Mind to more easily differentiate the two brains) – and its sending a lot of information to your thinking brain. Traditionally science focused on the messages that the brain sent to the heart but it is really a two way street. Each one is continually influencing the other. And if you remember from the webinar the heart is sending far more messages to the brain than the brain is sending to the heart. 

Our emotions impact both brains. When we are fearful the heart sends that message to the brain and our fight or flight response takes over. 

Imagine if you were trying to listen to the words of a song but the music itself is so loud and the words are so soft that you aren’t sure the song even has words. When we can’t connect to our intuition and wisdom it’s like not being able to hear the words to our own song. 

And our own song -- our knowing has so much to offer us. Can you think of a time when you just knew – just knew that something was about to happened or just knew the right thing to do?

Just the other day my dog was having a terrible allergic reaction to something and was completely broken out in hives. She had never had anything like this before. We were giving her Benedryl as the vet had suggested but it wasn’t working and although I knew she would be OK I also knew something else was needed. 

I was ready to take her to the vet but then all the sudden as I’m texting my husband the plan I have this sudden knowing that he needs to go the feed store and talk to them. And I’ll wait to take her to the vet. When he got there the owner, who has a ton of experience with animals, was there and able to talk to him as well as a customer that had a similar breed who had hives before and they gave him great advice. Within an hour of implementing the additional meds they suggested the hives were better. The added benefit was we hadn’t had to sit in the vet’s office on a Sunday waiting who knows how long to see the doctor. 

This is a pretty basic example but I’m sure you have had times where you did something only to be grateful later that you had taken that detour or stopped by that friend’s house or made that phone call.

When we are able to connect with that knowing that inner wisdom we can really create the best possible outcome for ourselves. But we have to be able to hear the song. We have to be able to turn down the volume on the music so that the lyrics can come through clearly. 

We want to utilize the messages the heart-mind is sending to the brain to help us be at our best and avoid relying on old stories or behaviors or beliefs that don’t serve us. Our brain is doing what it does best. Processing. So no fault there. We just want it to have all the best information to analyze. And when we get "out of sync" and the messages the heart-brain are sending get erratic the brain has to do what it has to do.

That is why I’m so passionate about teaching people about this connection as well as showing them simple ways to harness it. Information is going to flow between the two brains whether or not we are choosing to create awareness around it. What the awareness does is allow us to know when – OK I’m pretty upset right now – maybe this isn’t the best time to react or respond. Or OKI need to get a handle on this stress before I can clearly evaluate what to do next that is going to have the best outcome. Or just – OK I know why I’m not getting answers – the music’s too loud. Time to turn it down.

I’ve found through working with my clients using the Heart-Mind Powered blueprint that the practice and tools I share allows them to harness this power and connect naturally to their inner wisdom and knowledge after a very short period of time of implementing it into their life. As those messages from the heart to the brain become more ordered and "in sync" it becomes easier and easier to hear that inner voice that inner knowing. 

What I love about this practice is that over time it becomes so second nature that you don’t have to make a huge effort to stop and listen. The knowing is just there.

So are you ready to get more connected to your heart mind? Ready to get connected to your knowing? To your intuition? Ready to be at your best and feel your best?

Remember -- you are amazing and you have all the answers inside of you. Let’s make sure you can hear them.