I’m excited to share some good news!!! Although many of my clients exclaim about the “miracle” results they’ve had from NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) in therapy, until now, their testimonials amounted to nothing more than “anecdotal” evidence. Well, the good news is that the long-awaited NET study has finally been published. We now have quantifiable evidence as to why clients feel so much better with NET. Pre-and post- treatment changes can be seen on fMRI brain images.

These pictures are worth a 1,000 words. The left image is Pre-NET (with active parahippocampus area) and the right image is Post-NET:

The published study is titled Neuro Emotional Technique effects on brain physiology in cancer patients with traumatic stress symptoms, and this is one of the quotes from a press release by Thomas Jefferson University:

“The results of this study were really quite dramatic,” said Daniel Monti, MD, MBA and Principal Investigator. “In just 4-5 sessions, patients who received NET reported much less distress, their overall emotional state improved significantly and the way their brains reacted to stress cues normalized.”

Also, this is the closing ‘Conclusion‘ section of the paper, which says it so well:

“Overall, the results from this study are the first ever to assess the combined neurophysiological and clinical effects of an intervention for traumatic stress symptoms in cancer patients. This data suggests that a brief therapeutic course of the NET intervention reduces the reactivity in a number of brain structures associated with the perception of emotional traumas. By reducing the brain’s reactivity to traumatic memories, the NET intervention appears to diminish distress associated with such recollections and improve self-regulation. This preliminary study is highly encouraging and underscores the need for larger-scale clinical and neurophysiological trials of this potentially important therapeutic approach for patients with traumatic stress.”

Yes, it’s great to get scientific validation and certainly there’s more research to be done, but meanwhile the clinical benefits of NET are something I witness daily with clients. If you have considered trying NET to reduce stress or want to share this amazing modality of treatment with others, let me demonstrate how effective it can be.