Years of nursing taught me plenty about the human body, but life showed me the weight of the soul. For 26 years, I was a steadfast soldier in hospital hallways, bearing witness to endless cycles of sickness and recovery. My aim was unwavering: get patients back on their feet and keep them out of hospital beds. Yet, amidst the beeping machines and starched white coats, a personal battle began brewing. I started suffering from anxiety, migraines, constant fatigue, and arthritis. Despite trying multiple conventional treatments and medications, the tools in my nursing kit seemed ineffective against these.

In my search for relief, I started with basic lifestyle changes. After repeated disappointments with traditional medicine, it was only when I opened up to meditation, reiki, and emotion code release that I felt a flicker of hope. Like clockwork, these practices gave me a breather every weekend, resetting my body for the week ahead. But, by Friday, the old demons of pain, fatigue, and worry would resurface.

Day after day, I witnessed our medical system’s heavy reliance on perpetual medications, a band-aid solution, neglecting the deeper roots of ailments. It felt like a race to trim hospital bills, not truly healing the whole person.

Navigating life's challenges, I leaned more and more into energy healing, drawing strength from reiki, meditation, ayurveda, and yoga. These weren't mere practices; they were my anchors. Motivated by their undeniable impact, I pivoted from traditional nursing to embrace energy healing, finding relief from migraines, fatigue, and anxiety while arthritis faded into the background.

I was able to champion the trifecta of good food, mindful movement, and elevated thinking. And now? I guide folks to find that healer within themselves. Because in the end, true healing isn't about handing over the reins; it's about steering your own ship. If you're ready to navigate, I'm here to show you the way.