For years, I struggled with a pervasive feeling of being "stuck." This was accompanied by unexplained fears, consistent tension in my hips and back, generalized pre-menstrual pains, and recurring gut health challenges. I felt frozen within my own body. My struggles became a wall that obstructed my sense of self. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, unfulfillment, and perpetual stagnation were constantly sneaking up. I often felt blocked like I couldn’t get to the next level in life.

While I engaged with numerous traditional medical solutions, they appeared to prioritize symptom management over comprehensive healing. I tried everything from birth control pills, acid reflux medication (Nexium), and lifestyle changes, to more existential avenues such as self-development courses, career shifts, and even a master’s degree. Getting on prescriptions was absolutely not for me! I started to experience extreme mood swings, irritability and heart palpitations. I felt like I was losing myself, my personality - my body started to physically change, I put on weight, and my hormones were disrupted. 

Change of career, lifestyle, and diet were great but again…it wasn’t the THING that made me feel like i could turn the page.  

I turned to yoga, meditation, and continued to tailor my diet to nourish my body with wholesome foods - I even stopped drinking alcohol. These foundational changes paved the way for me to find holistic solutions that offered healing as a whole. At the forefront of my discoveries was psycho-somatic work, a therapeutic approach that underscores the deep interplay between mind and body. This holistic exploration led me to therapies like energy work, sound, and vibration therapy. Reiki became a grounding force for me - amplifying my self-awareness and allowing me to locate deep wounds that needed to be addressed in order to truly heal. Biofield tuning used sound and frequency for emotional catharsis, and breathwork taught me how to regulate my nervous system. 

It wasn't merely about relieving physical symptoms. These tools helped me transcend the tangible and resonated with my soul. By delving deep into the emotional and spiritual parts of my being, I was able to reconnect with my authentic self, finding solace and purpose amidst the chaos.

Having transformed my life, I felt compelled to help others on similar journeys. Today, I offer a range of holistic services including Biofield Tuning (Tuning Fork Vibration Therapy), Reiki, Breathwork, and Spinal Energetics. Drawing from my own experiences, I aim to guide clients in understanding the intricate interplay between their physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, enabling them to lead enriched, fulfilling lives. Through my work, I've witnessed countless individuals regain control, conquer their traumas, and harness their innate potential. Every success story reinforces my belief in the power of holistic healing, and I consider it a privilege to facilitate such profound transformations.