The Body as a Mirror for Your Emotional & Spiritual Life

You are constantly expressing yourself whether you realize it or not. You are expressing to others as well as to yourself. Your soul communicates in many ways, one of them is through the body. Whenever you are emotionally, mentally or spiritually out of alignment, your body will tell you (the opposite is also true). Your body does speak. 

It is also a map for the various patterns and types of beliefs that you hold (both aligned and misaligned). The different systems and organs of the body express different types of beliefs. And yet, treating the body alone is not enough. Without recognizing and resolving the belief structures associated with the various systems and organs, illnesses and other maladies will continue to present themselves. 

This is not to put shame on anyone. There are great lessons to be learned through illness, but there are ways to accelerate the process and return to wellness. Two of the most powerful approaches to healing are ThetaHealing® and Biofield Tuning. Both of them map the body, it's belief patterns and emotional history. Both of them bring resolution, Biofield Tuning through coherent sound and ThetaHealing® through revealing and transforming subconscious beliefs. 

In Biofield Tuning, I use tuning forks to simultaneously detect and correct distortion in the subtle and electromagnetic body. Bringing trapped energy back into circulation so it may be used constructively. Bringing resolution to our stories and trauma. 

ThetaHealing® has many beautiful applications. At it's core, it involves accessing a Theta brain state and dialoguing to reveal and transform subconscious beliefs. Not just what you consciously believe to be your problem, but the subconscious patterns that created it. 

Do you or have you ever suffered from Candida? Where was it located in the body? Candida is sometimes a symptom of other health problems, but it is created by resentment. Furthermore, the candida itself breeds resentment. That's how it survives. If your candida is in the gut, it may be tied to your self-worth and frustration over feeling controlled by others. 

How is your respiratory system? The lungs hold emotional patterns related to grief, fear and helplessness. Fear becomes sorrow in the body, which is why the lungs can hold the energy of fear. Do you have a tight diaphragm? If so, you might what to explore why you feel emotionally hindered. Is it safe to express yourself or do you feel perpetrated? 

When you are emotionally, mentally and spiritually sound, your body will sing and speak with wisdom. Your relationships will transform and you will create beauty in your life. 

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