"There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness." - Edward Bach


What is it that confirms the fact that a healing has happened? Sometimes it's obvious in the case of a physical healing, we feel better, balanced energy levels, we may even look different. But what is it that sustains that confirmation? It is our revised perspective on life, our ability engage in a new and better way.

This is especially true for healing that takes place on a less tangible level. The journey towards creating a new outlook takes courage, lots of it. Flower essences help us find our courage. Each flower has highly nuanced gestures, which imprint themselves on water. Flower essences work on an etheric level, creating a resonance within a person's subtle bodies and soul. When this resonance is created, dormant possibilities and awarenesses arise. And as a person willfully works on themselves and progresses, the flower essences grow with them, revealing deeper potential. 

For example, Fawn Lily as a flower essences addresses states of profound introversion and isolation, spirituality and mysticism that leads to pronounced passivity and delicacy. Fawn lily types are on one hand highly evolved and aware, but they lack the capacity to engage in life. In such a state, it would be easy to decline opportunities for reaching out. It just doesn't seem like a good trade off. After all, they don't want to jeopordize all that they've acheived spiritually.

And yet, with a little bit of courage and the will to work with the essence, their courage grows as does their spiritual capacity. Fawn Lily types have many gifts that are meant to be shared and taught. Yet it is impossible to fulfill their true potential without several shifts in outlook. They have to build-up their capacity to withstand social interaction, recognize the value in socialization, and actively seek it out. A successful Fawn Lily progression emerges from recluse to sought-after mentor. And not only does their vision expand, but so does their capacity to help others. 

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