In this day and age - we are overloaded with the "just take a pill for that" mentality. It has become almost too easy to get a prescription or and over the counter medication for every small ache or pain.

The problem with that is - we do not truly KNOW what is in the products that we are taking - or the side effects that may come along with them.

I challenge you to walk to your bathroom and open the medicine cabinet - go ahead - open the cabinet and take down a few of the bottles that reside there. Read the labels, do you know what they mean, understand what the ingredients are? I did just this and found that there were things in there that I could not even pronounce, much less understand. 

Now my cabinet is filled with products that are comprised of Essential Oil based ingredients. CPTG Essential Oils to be more specific. I know what they are, I can easily look up what I need to find to understand their intended actions and uses. 

These products are tree, plant and root based - work with your body to give it exactly what it needs and nothing more. 

More and more research is being released to substantiate the efficacy of Essential Oil use. John Hopkins University has released a landmark study proving the use of the Oils in the hospital setting for stress reduction in the workplace, reduction of resistant bacteria and more.

I encourage you to look at your cabinet - does it look like a pharmacy shelf - or more like the photo above? Maybe it is time to start re-thinking the status quo. There IS a better way to live your life!!