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has anyone tried sound therapy?

i have starting getting into ASMR which is kind of cliche i know lol but its so soothing!!!!!! and it made me wonder if soudn therapy can be good for me. whats your experence been?

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Kerri MacDonald
Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, VFRT Practitioner, Sound Baths

As a practitioner of Biofield Tuning which uses tuning forks around the body and I am also trained in crystal singing bowls, I can say personally and as a practitioner I have both had and seen amazing results with sound. Positive results both physical and emotional. Coherent sound produced by instruments such as these help entrain your body into a more coherent state. It can do this because everything is vibration. Your organs, your cells, your bones, etc. all have a natural frequency. When that frequency is out of its normal range or in discord then dis-ease can set in. Bringing it back to coherence by using an instrument that produces a coherent sound brings your body back to its factory settings. Back into balance.

Holistic Integrative-Nutrition Functional-Medicine Practitioner - I help you discover why you have that discomfort and how to resolve the root cause(s). My work is based on scientific health/wellness principles supported by clinical research/evidence.

Years ago I skeptically dabbled and was amazed at an unexpected breakthrough that left me feeling so much better! So I started researching and using it. There are many simple ways to incorporate sound into your life to achieve various wellness goals. As with anything, be judicious. Keep this in mind, too: sound is vibration and our cells vibrate, too, so it's logical that sound impacts our body and emotions. Can use it to calm, to energize, to balance, to focus. Enjoy your exploration.

Cynthia Green, LMT
A session with me can bring a feeling of safety and calm. Sounds, music and scents create a retreat from your everyday cares.

I have been working with “Shamanic” Drums for over 20 years, and have found the sounds of the heartbeat, the rhythm of the earth to be quite healing. My anxiety and panic attacks were greatly affected in a positive manner since. I have been facilitating healing drumming as well as teaching drum making workshops since 1996.
I love it! www.drumheart.com

Rita M. Carreon / Green Dragon Healing

Hi Hatty!

As a Reiki Practitioner and a lover of Kundalini Yoga I quite enjoy not only using SOUND in my sessions but as well in Meditation, Sound Baths and overall yoga sessions. It OPENS the Ear Chakras not to mention many other Chakras for Expansion, Clarity and Clearing. Plus, I'm a vocalist so infuse this into my Healing Sessions and Practices as well. Sound and the Voice can be Powerful Instruments for Healing.
Green Dragon Healing

Jamie Lu

I am a sound healer and have seen first hand how sound therapy can improve a person's wellbeing - it has changed my life. I have free sound healing music on my website, http://www.jamielu.com/ Check it out!

Danuza Aquino, LFT, LMT,
Healing All Homes - A Path to Healing All Aspects of Life

Hi Hatty, quiet, soothing, nature or meditation music has been researched and proven to extend the vibration and neuroplasticity in the brain. Those sounds and music are great tools to use with children who are having difficulties learning new concepts and for healing wounds from past traumatic experiences.

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