Across my 25-year military career, serving in multiple countries as a Foreign Area Officer and Logistics Officer and working with the Military, Diplomacy, and Intelligence communities, I played my role well. I told myself I had it all together, firmly saying, "I'm fine," as I navigated the intricacies of deployments, high-stakes negotiations, and crafting national-level policy. But deep beneath the surface, a storm was brewing as I silently accumulated stress and trauma. Living in a perpetual state of alertness was leaving invisible wounds I could not dismiss forever. It took a breaking point, a moment when the cracks began to show, to force me to confront reality. The facade of "I'm fine" shattered. Those inner demons I had so effectively buried, tucked away in the recesses of my mind, began to claw their way back into the light. The stress finally reached a tipping point that left me in tears at work and unable to maintain my health outside of it. It was then that I mustered the courage to seek help.

I turned to conventional talk therapy, believing it was the answer to my work-related stress. But what unfolded was the discovery of a deep reservoir of unresolved trauma, stretching from my formative years to the present day. Therapy was a lifeline, teaching me to cope with life's challenges. Yet, it was akin to learning to tread water when my heart longed to swim freely. I needed something more than traditional therapeutic mechanisms that sought to logic away the stress and trauma.

The turning point in my journey arrived when I stumbled upon the transformative power of holistic healing practices. It was during this time that I encountered inner child work and energy work under the guidance of an exceptional coach. Unlike therapy, these holistic practices didn't just teach me to cope; they unlocked the door to thriving. They weren't just vague concepts, but practical tools for profound transformation.

Inner child therapy, a psychotherapeutic technique that addresses and heals the emotional pain and trauma experienced during childhood, allowed me to reconnect with and heal the wounded parts of my past. Through guided imagery and dialogue that enabled me to shift the energy around these psychological and somatic wounds, I connected and reconciled with my ‘inner child’, addressing and resolving the pain that resided deep within my subconscious mind. Energy work, which encompasses many holistic practices that focuses on balancing and optimizing the body's energy systems, helped restore balance and vitality to my being. We are more than just physical beings; we also have an energetic aspect. Techniques like Reiki, acupuncture, and chakra balancing are all forms of energy work. These practices help to remove blockages, restore harmony, and promote healing on a deep level. For me, finding Qi Gong and building a daily practice of moving meditation deeply supported the integration of my new energy into “real life.” And becoming a Reiki Master led me into a profound interconnectedness within and between my own energetic body and life itself.  

Today, I'm not merely surviving; I'm thriving. I've harnessed the power of these holistic practices to transform my trauma into purpose-driven service. What's even more remarkable is that I have the privilege of helping others do the same.  I offer a range of services through Liminal Experiences LLC. Providing trauma-informed coaching, energy work, purpose and self-love workshops, and transformational retreats. I extend support to others in finding their paths, inspiring growth, nourishing their bodies through movement practices, and helping them explore various meditative modalities that uniquely suit their needs. Each service is designed with the aim of not just healing but thriving, mirroring the holistic healing that I experienced. For those who really wish to go deep and immerse themselves in the intensive, supportive, and transformative power of a retreat, I offer SOULignment Transformational Trauma Healing Retreats.