Where does Trauma Lay?

   Trauma as the start of a myriad of symptoms shows itself time and again as I sit with clients. Whether we are working Homeopathically or Shamanically the root will  eventually show itself to be a trauma. So often, this trauma is not even remembered. We are no longer conscious of that hit to our Core Beliefs about ourselves.  It may be something as small as being told that we are Stupid by a teacher or a friend that creates our belief system that we are stupid. And in that belief an entire pattern of assumed unworthiness evolves that we believe and set our life patterns to. A whole web of our life based on a comment that went into our heart of hearts and got stuck. There are the larger traumas that we bury to be able to stand up. Many of the new clients that come to work Shamanically are sent her by their Therapists. Ten years of talk therapy and the root, the nut of it is so buried that it is not accessible. 
     Working Shamanically that can be found and gently healed with love and light and brought back to the person. Reliving the trauma is not the work, ever at all. Bringing back the piece with love and light is the work. Many tears, a wonderful discharge of the stuck energy around the piece are shed.
   Working homeopathically we gently work through the layers of emotions. Someone coming in for physical pain comes to realize that it is truly emotional pain as it loosens its grip. Stages of grief are supported and we sit with the pain and the rage and the sadness. 
    Is it time to release something that you have not been able to name in too many years? Is it time to tend to the physical pains that no tests can explain a reason for? Come sit and have a cup of tea. Together we can hold and release the pain together.