Hello, it is a joy and a pleasure to bring forth this message for you today. It is one that will eventually lead to the liberation of many minds. There is much that is spoken of on the topic of liberation. Yet, when attention is applied to the subject, we observe that the human’s awareness goes to that which is oppressing rather than which is being oppressed. It is this topic that we would like to assist you with today. This is not an easy one for most to grasp as it transcends logic and that which is considered be be linear. As you know, just like everything you can sense about the world, words only exist because of linear time. The same truth applies to the majority of your thoughts. Deepening in this logic, one can also see that which oppresses can only exist on the linear plane as well. So, you see, it stands to reason that when considering your existence, linear perceptions get applied to your linear aspects. Therefore it is the oppression that one becomes clear about rather than the truth of what is being oppressed.


In reality, when one looks at the oppression that they are experiencing, they have already limited their perception by merit of their choosing to view that which is limited and untrue about themselves. This perception makes all realization of truth impossible. It is the first error of perceiving that establishes all the errors in perception that follow it. Therefore, the human gets lost in untruth and becomes mired in perceiving themselves through different vantage points of that untruth. This is of great interest to the ego, but lends no insights to the truth of who the human truly is or what they are made of.


Understand that in Truth, you are a collective consciousness that extends into infinity. The creation of separation was your attempt to perceive this infinity. Know also that infinity can only be perceived through itself. Similarly, separation is only capable of seeing more separation. This creates the juxtaposition of total alliance to either Truth or separation. Those who have aligned themselves to absolute truth have entirely disbanded their perceptions from separation. In fact, they no longer perceive, they simply know. Those who still perceive separation, no matter how small it is perceived, can only see separation and therefore must perceive. The ego’s game is to show you different vantage points of this separation and call it infinity. This creates the loop in which it is the requirement of each and every soul upon the planet to break free of. So the inevitable question becomes: How can a being who is residing in separation meld with the Truth of their Divinity if separation cannot connect with infinity? The answer is very simple; each human has a bridge which is built between their ego and their Truth. Some have referred to this bridge as their Higher Self, others, The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Regardless of name, it is a template which guarantees the full liberation of each and every human from their separation and thus suffering.


The next piece to look at in this teaching is how the three pieces work together. We have already stated that the infinite Truth that you are does not communicate with the separate aspects of yourself and vice versa. A human is either completely connected or completely separate. This defies contemporary belief that one gains enlightenment one step at a time. In truth, it happens in a way that few would understand or recognize which entails a moment of complete surrender and the knowing that nothing be done at all. The changes you see in a person who continually advances their consciousness is that they have created a positive relationship to the thoughts that they have which tell them that they are shameful or small. It is through the familiarizing that they create with their Higher Selves that makes this change possible. Actual enlightenment occurs as a result of consistent intent and steady application to know Love and the nature of the self. In the old energy, this required absolute diligence for long periods of time. It was not the diligence or work which lead to the awakening, it was the alignment with the absolute desire to truly unify with Spirit which lead to it. It is this alignment which took practice. It is also this alignment which activates the Higher Self and strengthens the bridge you will eventually cross with your surrendering.


Knowing then that your consciousness is comprised of three basic components and having the basics of how they function, the rest is simply understanding how to work with them. It is not the way it was in the history of your planet where it required diligence and hard work. It is different. In this new energy, the key in all things is clarity of intent. Therefore, the fastest way to better any aspect of your life by Seeing Truth is to take a very specific approach to your healing and advancement. The specific nature of this intent is to desire connection with Spirit, that’s it. By forming this intention you will be slowly guided in the right direction. Everyone will have a different path for discovering their Oneness. This gradual unification of the unique Oneness creates the inevitable advancement of consciousness upon your planet. To know your unique path, begin by becoming present to your thoughts and feelings. Honor them consistently and without fail. So long as your intent to become One is intact, the honoring of your thoughts and feelings will show you the way to Completeness. It is this way which transforms seeing the oppression of your separation into living the Truth of your Divinity.

We thank you for allowing us to convey this to you.


Channeled by Gale Wulff

Channeling his future self