The age of miracles is upon us. We are her to inform you of this new shift in the human paradigm. One that is evolving very slowly, but very surly within the subconsciousness of your minds. This is a gradual and slow evolution that not all are ready for. However, there are enough of you who are now ready to embrace this new way of being that we can deliver the message to you now. It is one that were are very happy to bing to you. It is one that will change the shape of human consciousness forever.

You are coming out of what we are calling the cosmic dark age. It is a time where there has been much struggle and much strife to deal with. Much of this occurred because of a shift in the ways that humans see themselves and nothing more. You have to understand that human perception shapes not only your reality, but the reality of the entire planet. It is this reality that we are here to help you shift as new realities become possible. With new possibilities, come new beginnings. As with anything that is new, there are learning curves and things that must be discovered. One of the big ones is the ease, flow and abundance which is now possible.

In the old energy, there was a work hard, strive hard and struggle mentality. The human population was broken into the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. This was only possible because of the dense 3D energy in which you were living in. That energy is gone and the dawn of a new age is upon you. In this new energy, everyone has the opportunity to be abundant in equal measure. You will ask yourself: ‘How can this be possible”? This is possible because of the way energy now responds to your thoughts. In the old energy, seeing was believing. Which created a fixed scenario in which nothing could really change. In this new energy, what you believe, you will see. Which allows for flexibility, change and creativity. Therefore, entraining your minds to the positive and focusing clearly on what you want to manifest in your life is the way to create the abundance you want. That is the miracle!

This truly is the age of miracles and while the ease with which miracles can be achieved, there is still work to be done. You see, if the world were already perfect, and there was no healing left to do, there would be no need for miracles. Miracles are the tools for giving love to that which is has been feared. Therefore, like a lantern in the night, they need to be applied into the areas of darkness within our lives. This takes intent, this takes focus, this takes practice and this takes perseverance. Since most human minds are neither clean nor clear, this is where the work begins. While the work is not complicated, it is challenging.


To begin, understand that most people do not truly know what is best for them. For if they did, they would have manifested a more joyful life than the one they are living. So, to begin, get clear on who you are and what is of greatest value to you. At this point in the evolution for most souls on Earth, and for the practical places in which we wish to see miracles performed, look at what brings you the greatest joy, and what brings you the greatest distress. Regardless of the polarization, through this exercise, you will see what you value. Listing things such as service, relationships, kindness, love, family or play will help you to find your strengths. Listing the things in your life such as betrayal, anger, lack, or violence will help you to find where to apply your focus.

Next, begin to dream. Begin to dream of a life that is fulfilling to you. This may or may not involve lots of money or the perfect relationship. That which is fulfilling to you will have already been listed in the first step in the form of that which brings you joy, and where you seek fulfillment. The exception this time is you become specific. You see a dollar amount on your bank statement, or you see the perfect relationship, or the perfect job or the ideal home in the ideal spot. Give yourself everything that you truly want, but do not make it complicated. The more simple the better. Remember also to give yourself things like peace, joy, fulfillment and contentment. From these feelings, and from the fuel you find in the strengths you listed in step one, begin envisioning your life. Do so regularly. Make a list and put it in a place you will see it daily and work on it constantly. Tweak and shift it as you learn more and more about yourself and as your life begins to change.

The final step is where the challenge comes in. As we mentioned, the energy on this planet has shifted and is different that is was before. Many of you have noted this as it has brought up a lot of unexpected feelings and changes to your beings and lives. While experiencing and ‘seeing’ the life that you do not want, begin ‘believing’ in the one you do want. Practice this several times a day. Refer to your list as an aide. Literally ignore the things you see that bother you and instead focus on what you do want and hold the space within your being that it is being delivered to you one piece at a time. Knowing that each person, and each situation, no matter how far it seems to take you off course, is a step in the right direction. This is not always easy. However, know that you now have a new energy and a new earth standing behind you and that the efforts you put in now, will be paid back ten fold down the road. The hard part is the beginning. It is an adjustment to focus the mind like this. But there has never been a more supported time in which to do it. This is the age of miracles. It is time for you all to begin performing them. This is more than possible. This is more than your birth right. It is inevitable that these things shall come to pass. It is your time. Apply yourselves diligently and you will begin to experience the ease with which we speak. And so it is.


By Gale Wulff

Channeling his future self