Someone told me recently that I’m a naturally healthy person. I believe everyone’s natural state is one of wellness. I’ve witnessed and experienced enough poor health and the lack of freedom to do what you want to do that entails to have come to the decision of choosing wellness for myself. But it was a deliberate, conscious choice I made and continue to make.

Once I made that decision, articles, books, people, courses and events presented themselves to me in succession. As I asked my questions about attaining and maintaining the best health for me, the answers always came. And since they resonated deeply within me, it was easy to act upon them. I gave up trying to figure out what was best for others. I couldn’t possibly know because only they own the connection to their own inner wisdom. But I am happy to share what I’ve learned and what’s worked for me. 

When I was surrounded by sickness, worrying about it, focusing on felt awful as I was immersed in it, and of course I soon experienced it in my own body as well. Thoughts are powerful forms of energy. The essence of what we mainly give our attention to is bound by natural law to be drawn to us.

At times we can be so immersed in feeling miserable we cannot fathom a way beyond it. It’s easy to spiral downward as one negative thought leads to another until everything looks black. Life can seem utterly pointless. This is why it is so important to let our minds clear completely and regularly of all human thought. To get back to the foundation of who we really are.

The human mind will worry, doubt, criticize and fear. This is not who we really are. Our higher, or inner selves, eternally connected to Universe (what some call God, or Great Spirit) as they are, never share those emotions. The higher self has the clear, broad view of all of life and knows only its perfection. As we let the mind clear, just for a few moments every day, our natural, loving inner guidance and clarity can be heard and sensed.

There is nothing special required to allow the mind this rest. In fact it does it automatically every time we sleep. But to consciously choose to allow this break from mind chatter on a daily basis is powerful indeed. Most of us have spent years practicing (albeit indeliberately) streams of negative thought. It can take time to slow this down and begin a more natural, more positive habit of thought.

All you need is a quiet, comfortable space. Away from distractions. Just for 10 or 15 minutes. Breathing deeply helps immensely, as does setting a clear intention to allow yourself a quiet mind...just for now. Let yourself relax; it’s who you really are. Focusing on a monotonous, unimportant sound helps as well. Or counting your breaths. Find what works for you.

The ideal time to do this is just after awakening, before the usual reel of thoughts begins rolling. But any time that works best for you is great. The key is to consistently do it for a few moments every day. Just like with anything else, the more you practice it, the better you get at it. And the easier it gets. But because it’s actually a more natural state for us, it’s counterproductive to try too hard at it. Just relax into it, and let it be the simple process it actually is.

What state of being are your dominant thoughts pointing you toward?