What You can Hope To Expect In a QHHT Session 

As you might guess, just as every person is unique, so are Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) sessions. Having said that, people generally tell me after our 2 hour long chat about their life that if the session ended there, they’d have gained a great deal from the opportunity to explore their life so comprehensively with an active and interested listener. Happily, the benefits don’t end there. They’ve only just begun. When we begin your journey, the first curious thing is to get accustomed to being in the theta state seeing yourself in a past life and talking about it. It’s a trip. A subtle trip. That’s a huge distinction, in my view. I find that whenever I do this kind of work, either on or off the table, tuning into the subtly of the experience in key. Let go of the idea that this might be some wild disconnected journey.


That said, let me explain a bit more so it has greater relevancy for you. Some people go under and while in the theta state, their conscious mind takes a silent back seat. When those people wake up they are so surprised to hear want went on. They are wowed by listening to the recording. It’s all new news to them! Now let’s consider the other people who are growing in number daily. These people have their conscious mind present and active to one degree or another. In these many cases, clients are quick to determine who is speaking when. Sometimes we have to invite the conscious mind to recede quietly to to the background to allow the subconscious mind (aka: Higher Self) to speak. This tends to happen more with people who are very familiar with controlling all manner of things in their life. It can take a bit of practice to arrange for both minds to speak. We definitely want to avoid a situation where the client’s conscious mind doggedly holds onto control while in trance, thereby silencing his or her subconscious (or Higher Self) to a large degree. The subconscious (or Higher Self) has the information we are seeking. Some rare people have a virtual crowd participating. Things can get very interesting. But the client sees and hears it all so the client can keep score, so to speak. In this case, it is important to tell practitioner what you see and hear as well as from whom!

Just so that you know, I said that this number (of people with conscious mind present ) is growing. The brilliant news on that is that as we move toward the 5th dimension, we will have the ability to be speaking from our conscious mind in daily life and then choose to access our subconscious mind (or Higher Self, as I prefer to call it) when we need a bit of information that is not stored in our conscious mind. (Source: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy) Point being we, as a civilization, are in transition from being purely conscious mind oriented to both conscious and subconscious mind oriented. Very cool. So we have to deal with the rigors of transition, which brings us back to this concept to subtlety. The awarenesses are often subtle. Trust that what you are seeing and hearing is real. You can’t make this stuff up! And so fast! So go with it. Relax and focus. Those are two key words.

So you’ve entered a past life and you are seeing yourself living this different life. Look for as many details as possible. The more you do that, the more you’ll see and realize. It’s amazing. And it’s real. You can learn so much from a past life that enables you to understand your current life and its challenges from a more neutral viewpoint. And that is the point of visiting a past life. It's very empowering. Plus you get to feel what it is like in this more etheric realm.

Then we call in your subconscious (or Higher Self). We all talk about the past life that you just visited, purpose, lesson and special love notes from your Higher Self. I love this part.

After that we ask whatever questions you have. The answers are often so direct and specific to the client in a way that hits home. No question is a bad question but sometimes your Higher Self will decline to answer a particular question so as to avoid impacting your free will. That is a line which your Higher Self is enjoined form crossing. 


After all the questions have been asked, I ask your Higher Self for the healings you want. This is generally the main reason clients come for a QHHT session. Here is where the amazing can become possible. I’ve seen wild healings. I’ve also seen when the healing doesn’t happen for one reason or another. The most common reason that a healing doesn’t happen is that the client doesn’t truly believe it CAN happen. The next most common reason is karma. If there is some karmic reason why the client has a particular health issue, the subconscious is enjoined from disturbing the soul’s growth. And the health issue remains. Having said that, many clients are healed during this part of the session. Interestingly, the 3 days following the QHHT session are very powerful in that the healings often continue. To that end, it is essential for the client listen to the recording for at least the next 3 days. Your voice, while under trance, is at its highest vibration and hearing it helps you greatly. Generally, clients listen, as determined, to the recording periodically for some time to come.


When all is complete or you have been in trance for 2 hours, it is time to bring you out. Generally, the experience is magnificent and even life changing. At this point we chat about your experience. Blessings to you! (Source: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy)