Can hypnosis help with insomnia? -
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Can hypnosis help with insomnia?

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A definite Yes! I have found that even people suffering from insomnia can get a full night's restorative sleep usually with one hypnosis session. During that session, I teach the beginning of self-hypnosis so my clients can do it themselves with little practice. Between that and a relaxing hypnosis session, there is virtually 100% success.

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Yes, I've worked with several clients in helping to understand the root causes of their sleeplessness as well as how to release these. Typically, anxiety and overactivity of the conscious mind can reinforce patterns of sleeplessness. By activating the subconscious mind where the pattern initially started, hypnosis can be truly transformative. Additionally, sound healing can also be helpful in quieting and relaxing the conscious mind.

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Hypnosis for getting to sleep and staying asleep is valuable. It is also helpful to look at other aspects of life which include regular exercise, avoiding caffeine at least 5 hours prior to sleep which includes sodas, tea, coffee and chocolate, not using alcohol to get to sleep, and creating a sleep routine to help cue your body to unwind. It is also beneficial to have a regular time to get to sleep and sleep rituals. Avoiding screen time is necessary as well. There is a video on getting to sleep on Youtube from Transformational Wisdom Instititue if you wan to learn more.

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Hi Emma,

Yes, hypnosis would be a good intervention to eliminate insomnia. If insomnia is a result of racing thoughts and anxiety, hypnosis can help you to access your subconscious mind and release thoughts or beliefs underlying the condition. In my practice, I work first to understand what may be underlying the sleep disturbance and use an integrative approach (which includes hypnotherapy) to clear the obstacles to a restful night's sleep. Hope this helps!

Carl Anderson
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Do you have trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing? If so, try the Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut. It quiets the mind.

Lori Schimke
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Yes. Hypnosis is about getting to the core of the issue causing it.

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I'm not to familiar with hypnosis, hopefully someone can help answer that. In my practice a common reason for insomnia is excess cortisol levels during the night hours. We can do testing for you, also look into the root causes of what may be triggering cortisol to release. Please let me know if you have questions.

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