How do my fellow hypnotherapists overcome the perceptions that hypnosis is mind control? -

How do my fellow hypnotherapists overcome the perceptions that hypnosis is mind control?

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Daniel Maresca, Clinical Hypnotherapist
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Joanna Zoe Christopher

I tell them about my first experience as a hypnosis client. The hypnotist knew I was skeptical and got me into trance then told me to stand up on the chair and quack like a duck! I was there for something else, LoL, so I didn't obey him and I just laughed at the suggestion. Because of this I was comfortable with the process afterwards. And the hypnosis I received was successful for my issue as well. But I knew I was in control.

Past Life Regression Therapist and Spiritual Intuitive

I really don't have that question come up. My facilitating in the session is simply asking what the client is seeing or experiencing. They do all the work, they uncover the scenes. The plan for us is not to suggest what they see. Once they experience a scene, my job is to probe the client to flush out all they are seeing or experiencing while in the scene. I do ask them to move to the next most important scene in their life in the past life they are experiencing, and they oblige.
My most frequent question at the end of the session is "Did I just Make that whole thing up?' I always say, if you made it up, how could you feel the emotions you were feeling, like anger, love or anxiety. Those emotions are hard to make up. Besides, I tell them, you will find that as you go forward, you will not be able to forget what you saw and felt. It will be directly related to something that you are working on in your present life.

Marcey DiCaro
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By assuring people that they are in control. As hypnotists we cannot make people do what they don't want to do. We think of those who do crazy things in hypnosis shows - the theory is that there is a part of them that wanted to do those things. Hypnosis does not equal mind control - it provides suggestions at the very deep level of the subconscious.

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